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Redox Signaling refers to the process in which free radicals, reactive oxygen species and other electronically activated radicals act as messengers in the biological system. It is basically the process that shows how cells in our body respond to oxidants and free radicals. Redox signaling is a continuous and crucial process, through which human cells communicate with each other and carry out vital body functions.

Redox Signaling Molecules – What are they?

There are two kinds of Signaling molecules – “communicator” and “activator”. These two play the role of messengers and are responsible for the communication between cells throughout our body. Also known as Signaling molecules, they activate the body’s antioxidant compounds – Glutathione, SOD and Catalase.

In simpler terms, Redox signaling molecules are substances that are produced naturally within each cell of the body. When the cells are required to perform various functions, they generate two kinds of signaling molecules.

The first set of “activator” molecules trigger the antioxidants stored in the body. Antioxidants are extremely effective in fighting off the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress; however they cannot function unless activated by the signaling molecules. Thus you require the Redox signaling ‘activator’ molecules to get the antioxidants to work.

The second set of “communicator” molecules is responsible for enabling proper communication between the cells of the body, ensuring optimum performance of the immune system and  protecting the body against external stimuli such as harmful bacteria, viruses etc. The millions of cells in our body are able to properly communicate and function because of the Redox signaling molecules.

Why is Redox signaling so important?

Both the internal and external factors such as stress, toxic chemicals, bacterial infections, poor nutrition etc affect our health in an adverse way. This causes significant cellular damage and a reduction in Redox signaling molecules. Without an adequate supply of Redox signaling molecules the antioxidants and immune system are unable to function effectively, leading to a vast range of health ailments.

Researchers and scientists worldwide have been conducting several studies on the Redox signaling molecules to understand more about their structure, impact and function with respect to human health. Let’s take a look at some of the popular studies on this subject:

White, Blue-eyed Cats are Deaf

Charles Darwin, the father of evolution had mentioned “white cats with blue eyes are almost deaf”. He proposed that developmental issues with the nervous system might be the cause of deafness in the white, blue-eyed cats. But researchers believe it has something to do with the Redox signaling process, as Central nervous system development is a messenger-mediated process and so is the melanin synthesis.

Thus an imbalance in the Redox signaling process leads to improper melanin synthesis (giving the cat its white color) and leads to defective intra-cellular communication (causing hearing impairment).

Study by Hoffer and Osmond

The first instance of Redox processes being involved in cell signaling was given by Hoffer and Osmond. As per the Adrenochrome hypothesis, “psychoactive oxidative products of catecholamines (adrenochromes) play a role in schizophrenia and other neuropsychiatric diseases”. While the proposed hypothesis still remains in question, the fact that messenger-mediated oxidative stress can result in neuropsychiatric diseases, has been proven correct.

Role of Active Oxygen Species in Ocular and Neurological Diseases

According to a study by P. H. Proctor, D.S Kirpatrick, L.A Morehead, J.E. McGinness, J.G. Hilton, & J.A. Hokanson on the role of active oxygen species in neurological disorders,

“Electronically activated oxygen molecules such as superoxide or peroxide are known to be the significant factors responsible for certain disorders of the eye and nervous system. For instance, a person with high levels of homocysteine or copper often shows four characteristic signs – psychotic behavior, movement disorders, deafness and pigmentary abnormalities. Both copper and homocysteine act as catalysts in the production of reactive oxygen molecules, and the above mentioned abnormalities can be a result of the Redox signaling process caused by these reactive molecules.”

This theory suggests that active oxygen species act as specific intermediary transmitters for a variety of biological processes including inflammation and fibrosis.

Aging is also attributed to this kind of free radical damage. The cells are not completely destroyed, but become less efficient. Too many oxidative molecules present in the blood and skin cells causes damage and aging. Improper balance of Redox signaling molecules causes the immune system to attack healthy cells, which divide and further spread the damage.

In Conclusion:

Cells are damaged by factors like sunlight, environmental pollution, toxins, chemicals, infections and other irritants. Damaged cells build up oxidants or free radicals. As a part of the Redox signaling process, the activator molecules trigger the antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals and maintain a balance of oxidative molecules in the body.  Also the signaling molecules ensure that the immune system and cellular communication is functioning at optimum levels.

A lack of Redox signaling molecules disrupts this entire process – the balance of activated oxygen molecules is destroyed, leading to cellular damage and other health ailments.

Redox signaling is a widespread and essential process governing essential cellular activities, and there is an urgent need for new methods of study to assess the role of Redox molecules at the molecular and cellular level. With more products that can restore the balance of Redox molecules in the body, we would have answers and solutions for a wide variety of neurological and physical ailments. ASEA is one of those products. It is actually the only perfectly balanced mixture of stabilized Redox Signaling molecules that exists outside the body.


Redox Signaling

ASEA White Papers:

Redox Signaling
Redox Signaling


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Redox Signaling
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    So … is this an advertisement for Asea? I was looking into Asea for my health coaching clients, to supplement their efforts toward a healthier diet and lifestyle. The information provided here looks suspiciously similar to Asea’s promotional material.

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      Asea presents valuable science re; the significance of oxidative stress, but are vague on the chemistry of what is in the bottle after H2O and NaCl are electrically manipulated. I have written extensively on the redox approach to healing disease/bad ageing. See for perspectibe. ASEA sounds like a novel way to approach the problem.

      • Sam Jacques

        Some redox signalling molecules are H2O2, HO2, HOCl, and NO.

  • Bill Reed

    Well it appears more info is needed. I did note that the amount of chlorine seems to exceed the normal recommended safety limits, can any one explain. Other have noted that heavy water has a positive effect as it is a signaling molecule.

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    After researching ASEA thoroughly I decided that I needed to get it in me to find out for myself. Since this is not controlled by our wonderful government, ASEA cannot make any claims. I have experienced an increase in my mental aptitude, endurance like when I was 18, no soreness after a heavy workout, and sleep like I can’t remember feeling this refreshed. The bottle reads sodium and water. There is no way that salt water can do this! P.S. we also thought the world was flat LOL

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    OK Ok another shiny object in the Health and wellness industry. I have to say although this blog and information is great. I don’t see one word about alkalinity and how if the body is slightly alkaline that the body actually heals itself.

    See … what your not explaining is that there is no magic potion, pill or cure. And there is most certainly never a need to worry about free radicals and boosting your immune system if the body is slightly alkaline.

    So … although its not a juice or potion it still does not address “The Main Health Problem” that leads to disease which is metabolic acidosis, metabolic acidosis stems from dehydration.
    Although its water with “molecules” what’s the alkalinity properties, and how acidic is the “saline solution” to the body?

    “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling (Two-time Nobel Prize winner)

    Whats the mineral value or content for this product?

    These are the questions that need to be answered for people that don’t take the time to research new health and wellness products and companies on the market.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the research behind it and the time spent is great. However, if your going to spend that much time energy and money on something, shouldn’t it be more then just another band-aid?

    Then if you want to go into the comp side of things that’s a whole different story.

    Almost 16 people just to break even? … $40 to sign up? 120 for first order? Pv reset every week?

    That’s potentially thousands of dollars that members that don’t know what they are doing will loose out on. So is the company really looking out for its members that way?

    I hope this helps and doesn’t get censored and erased. I hope this helps and encourages everyone to do thier homework and not just jump at every shiny object they see. “All that glitters is not gold”. Author Unknown.

    The Blakester

    • al fredette

      as you can see you did not get censored or erased and as someone who has researched asea i can say i can understand your skepticsm. But you have completely missed the whole point. Redox signaling is the basis by which your cells communicate with each other and then use that shared information to repair and care for themselves, which no doctor or scientist can duplicate. What Dr linus pauling says is true. Also true is the fact that you can put 100% every essential vitamin and mineral needed into your body and if it is not absorbed and used by the cells you will receive no benefit at all. Asea does not claim to replace nutrition in any way. Asea is not nutrition. Asea strenghtens redox signaling which is the process by which your own cells communicate with each other determining exactly which minerals, vitamins, amino acids, or antioxidants a damaged cell needs to be repaired or replaced. This is done millions of times every minute of you life. Without redox signal you would die in a matter of minutes no matter how many minerals you have in your body. Dr. gary samuelson PhD in atomic medical physics is recognized as a leader in his industry. Part of that recognition is for developing the large scale production of stable nano particle structures capable of safely disabling viruses, attacking bacteria, detecting tumors, and delivering drugs to name a few. What he has done is developed a complex technology that has stabalized redox signaling molecules outside the body, which is verified by years of past and current labratory testing. Independent testing on the vo2 max of many athletes has also shown the great effect that redox signaling has provided to their careers. Most important is the testimonials of thousands of people who have had their health their restored when years of other types of treatment has failed. The last and best testimony is the thousands of people who continue to buy a product would be very expensive if you were not seeing great results that they are. that is why they buy for themselves and continue to every month, they are buying freedom from pain, disease and all kinds of ailments they could find no relief for elsewhere. that is the only expense you incur with the business. and obviously these thousands of people believe it is well worth it to them. i know lots of people who spend more every month on cigarettes, alchohol, gambling etc. also your numbers are wrong. my wife is a distributor and has made has personally sponsored only two people and has made her $40.00 investment back about 6 times over and only has 9 total people in her organization. and the 2 she sponsored personally thank her all the time for introducing them to Asea. our monthly investment is $120. which she is now close to making herself each month. throw in the fact that the business provides tax write offs i’d say she is losing no money at all and our family is gaining a lot. i hope you will do more research if you are really interested. redox signaling may be the greatest medical breakthrough of the last 100 years and it is only in the infant stage.

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    My father, who is 86, has been taking ASEA for four months and is seeing profound improvements in his physical vigor and mental clarity. Both of his parents passed away raving strangers from Alzheimer’s so we’ve been concerned to see Dad starting to falter over the last several years. More than once when my brother would call to chat, Dad would end up saying, “I’m tired,” and hang up the phone. Besides gaining back some of the joy in his life Dad is thrilled that he’s regained mobility in one of his shoulders. Where he was bracing for having to have my mother help him put his shirts on or go in for rotator cuff surgery he has returned to the physical activities that he loves.
    The fact that ASEA has no nutritional value whatsoever but rather empowers each of our 75 trillion cells to be more efficient is intriguing. The fact that all plant and animal life on earth produces redox signaling molecules and uses them both for communication and for protection is even more intriguing. It’s as if you see a fire, call 911 on your cell phone then start to put the fire out because your cell phone is also a fire extinguisher! The redox signaling molecules in ASEA are bioactive, meaning they have specific tasks inside the body. Redox signaling molecules are highly reactive, meaning that depending on their variety—and there are 16 varieties in ASEA— they either lose or gain an electron to other molecules. Finally, redox signaling molecules are both anti-microbial and non-toxic. The technology originally was envisioned as a way to sterilize dental and surgical equipment. When Dr. Samuelson was asked to examine the original research he was dumbfounded to learn that these molecules could both destroy bacteria while being completely transparent to lung endothelial cells, some of the most delicate cells in our bodies. The answer lies in the fact that redox signaling molecules are produced by our own cells. While most of us struggle to understand health on a molecular level our cells know exactly what to do with redox signaling molecules.
    Finding third-party information about redox signaling in general and ASEA in particular is a bit of a challenge at this point. On the one hand for the last six years research labs and universities around the world have been intensely interested in redox signaling. There are technical journals devoted to the subject costing hundreds of dollars and hundreds of peer-reviewed papers related to redox signaling on On the other hand, ASEA is the only redox signaling supplement on the planet. Being a nutraceutical product, ASEA didn’t have to go through clinical trials with double-blind studies to come to market. The founders of the company did decide to bring the product to market when they realized they had a moral obligation to share something so profoundly beneficial with the world. The back story of ASEA is an unlikely, fascinating tale: The ASEA podcast on cell biology and health in general is useful: Thousands of ASEA users claim to have had life-changing benefits to their health and athletic ability so remarkable that it naturally raises our suspicions. I’m grateful that my father was willing to give it a try.

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