Herbs For Relaxation


In this fast paced world of ours we often forget to take time to relax and give ourselves the most deserved break. There's nothing wrong in giving our mind and body the time to breathe and relax with the help of some herbs. Here's to name a few:VALERIAN- is the best herb for relaxation! Known as an effective way to prevent insomnia by promoting calmness, this herb can ... Continue Reading

Foot Care


Do you know that the most overworked part of our body is our feet?  Every day as we go through our daily toil, all those hassle and bustle of these modern days we often overlook our feet. Now it's time to give them the long-overdue pampering it deserves!Foot massage is the best way to release all tensions and make tired feet feel much better. Massage oils are now widely ... Continue Reading

What is Calendula?


Calendula or also known as pot marigold is one of the easiest flowers to grow because of its capability to tolerate extreme temperatures and climate.  Aside from that, the plant can also grow in ordinary soil however, like any other plants, it does need sunlight to grow.Calendula is a plant that must be included in your garden because aside from the fact that its flower ... Continue Reading

Sustainable Living


There are a lot of meanings and interpretations unto what sustainable living really is. There is no right or wrong description because the answer would depend on the one who is speaking. In a broader sense, sustainable living can be contextualized by embracing the principle of sustainability- the capability to endure or the capacity to go on without dwindling. To make the ... Continue Reading

What is Biofeedback?


Biofeedback is a new innovation in the field of medical science. It opens a new channel of communication between you and your own body. Becoming aware of your own body can help it to become more functional. Biofeedback helps lower blood pressure, eases muscle tension, promotes functioning of your neurons, and regulates heart rate.Biofeedback is a painless procedure that ... Continue Reading