8 Powerful Health Benefits Of Schizandra Berry

schisandra berries

For years, men and women in China have relied on the Schizandra berries to preserve their youth and beauty. Native to China and Japan, this fruit is also called wu wei zi, which means the fruit of the five flavors. Indeed, bite into a Schizandra berry and you will be assailed by flavors such as sweet, salty, bitter, hot and sour! All rolled into one marvelous little ... Continue Reading

Endless Health Benefits Of Oregano Oil


Oregano has throughout the history mainly been used as a culinary herb. Its suitability to give flavor to a wide range of dishes has made it a popular ingredient in cuisines around the globe. Oregano supposedly has its origin in the Mediterranean countries, where it is still one of the most commonly used herbs. Another way to benefit from this plant’s unique properties, ... Continue Reading

Why is Cinnamon Good For You?


Interestingly, cinnamon spice has two varieties: Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. Botanically, it is known as either Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamon Cassia. Cinnamon is derived from trees belonging to the Lauraccea family. The trees are moderate in size and look like evergreens, with long leaves and little white flowers that grow in clusters with bluish fruits. Cinnamon ... Continue Reading

Discover 6 Powerful Stinging Nettle Benefits


Mother nature is absolutely incredible at proving us with everything we might need to keep the body healthy! Unfortunately many turn to prescription medication and factory farmed foods... only to wonder one day how they end up sick, tired and old...Let's turn back to nature and take a closer look at the powerful stinging nettle benefits.There is a saying in herbalism ... Continue Reading

10 Natural Holistic Remedies For Allergies

natural hoslitic remedies for allergies

Seasonal and food allergies are debilitating. Yet, so many treatments are out there to relieve your symptoms. As you may know, medicine is not the solution and just can suppress symptoms that are there to help your body cleanse and heal. Below I have listed natural ways to clean your air, clean your sinuses, clean your body and eliminate the cause of your allergic ... Continue Reading