Buteyko Breathing Exercises

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When it comes to relieving stress and helping your body get as much air as it can with each breath, there is simply nothing better than Buteyko breathing exercises. These exercises have worked for many people around different parts of the world, so they are definitely worth at least trying for a few weeks to see if they can improve your life.

What is Buteyko Method?

A CO2 deficiency causes spasms in the smooth muscles of the bronchi, cerebral and circulatory vessels, intestines, biliary ducts, and other organs. In the late 19th century, Bronislav Verigo, a Russian scientist from Perm, discovered a peculiar relationship: when CO2 diminishes from the blood, oxygen binds with hemoglobin and impairs the transport of oxygen to the brain, heart, kidneys, and other organs. In other words, the deeper the breathing, the less oxygen reaches vital organs in the body.

People with asthma will be able to benefit from Buteyko breathing exercises more than any other group of people because they are the ones who tend to not be able to take deep breaths, which is why they need an inhaler to help them get through stressful situations.

Anyone who has asthma can use these exercises to help themselves learn how to breathe in deep from their diaphragm.

Asthma patients are not the only people who can benefit from these exercises because everyone in the world seems to be living with too much stress these days. Whether it’s self-inflicted or brought onto them by other people around them, breathing exercises are a great way to calm themselves down and think about how they can solve their problems.

Buteyko breathing exercises will improve your life

Most people seem to be working in office buildings for five or more days a week these days, and that kind of environment can get to be quite stressful after a certain period of time. If you find yourself living with too much anxiety and not being able to enjoy your free time, then you should consider trying buteyko breathing exercises to improve your life. Anyone can benefit from these exercises, and it never hurts to try something even if you don’t think you really need it.

People who try these exercises will notice a difference in their quality of life rather quickly because they will be able to breathe more easily throughout the rest of the day. These exercises are very useful in stressful situations where big decisions need to be made.

The list of symptoms of the deep breathing (Hyperventilation) disease, which is eliminated when the Buteyko Method is applied:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Vertigo
  • Fainting (sometimes with the epileptic spasms)
  • Insomnia, drowsiness and other sleep difficulties
  • Tinnitus
  • Memory Loss
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Short temper
  • Poor concentration
  • Unsubstantiated fear
  • Apathy
  • Hearing Loss
  • Paresthesia (including total loss of all forms of sensitivity, more frequent than
  • Spasm during sleeping, tremor and tick
  • Vision loss
  • Age related far sightedness
  • Different flashings in eyes, grid before eyes, etc
  • Increase in the intraocular pressure
  • Pain during the motion of eyes upward and to sides, glaucoma, cataract, the transient squint
  • Radiculites, osteochondroses, etc.
  • Parkinson Disease (initial forms)
  • Perplexed sclerosis
  • Episindrom (epilepsy)
  • Schizophrenia (initial stage)

Buteyko Breathing ExercisesButeyko Breathing Exercises

Stress is something that kills millions of people around the world every year, so this is definitely something that should be getting more attention from researchers and doctors. Buteyko breathing exercises are one of the tools that you can use to fight against stress.Buteyko Breathing Exercises




Buteyko Breathing Exercises
Buteyko Breathing Exercises


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Buteyko Breathing Exercises
Buteyko Breathing Exercises

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  • Barnett Weiss, Buteyko Breathing Educator

    I deeply appreciate this post. However one troubling issue is the stressing of deep breathing. This is the bain of Buteyko educators. It is not about breathing deeply, it is about breathing normally and efficiently which is between 4 to 6 litres of air per minute or there abouts. Deep breathing will cause you to breathe far more than that. While in a Yoga class, you may breathe deeply and slowly exhale causing you to breathe less than 6 or 8 litres of air per minute which will make you feel good, however when you stop doing the yoga work and go out, you will be focussed on breathing deeply as a way of life and that will destroy the work that you have done by reducing your breathing in a relaxed circumstances of the yoga lessons.
    It is not just losing too much CO3, it is also a practice which is done in a relaxed manner to keep Cortisol levels down low. Most people are somewhat adrenally compromised anyway from all the stress they experience in life. Subsequently, they may even go into deficit in other hormones like their progesterone which is the calming hormone in order to produce more cortisol to meet their needs.
    Much much more to learn here.
    Thanks again, Barnett Weiss, Senior Buteyko Breathing Educator in the US with over 16 years of experience learning from the initial instructor for everyone and from the finest of those in The Buteyko Institute for Breathing and Health, Jennifer and Russell Stark. See thec fine article by Jennifer here: http://www.whale.to/a/stark.html

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    thank you for very helpful post.

  • Fiona

    Thanks for sharing this method. As I suffer from asthma I will definitely going to try this method straigt away.

    Great Blog btw :)


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