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"The Marketing of Madness" – Must Watch Movie


If the goal of a documentary is to focus on reality and instruct the society through its cinematic narrative, Marketing of Madness succeeds beyond doubt. It takes us deep inside the mire of corporate skullduggery spread all over the psychiatric drugs market. Focusing all along on the merger of psychotropic drug marketers and the psychotherapists, the documentary tries to establish in detail the eerie connection between the two.

Chris Thilk does not talk through his hat even once while shooting this piece and refrains from playing in the gray area. He is clear in shunning the diagnoses of psychiatrists and proves that the inferences are meant mostly for profit raking than for the betterment of clinically psychotic patients.

The documentary makes further incisions when it shows how the psychiatric drugs only hamper the mental condition of the patients even further. For the children and the teenagers, such drugs can have more debilitating effects than cocaine and for adults they can be the inducing agents of aggression, bipolar disorder and chronic depression. And yet, for the lure of lucre, the marketing campaigners and therapists do not mind taking the society inside a suicidal den. After all, they make steaming currency out of it and that is perhaps all which matters to them.

Of the 100 million people or so living on psychotic drugs, more than half actually do not require them at all or need them in far lesser dosages than prescribed; this callous reversion of ethics provides bread to the $80 billion drug market.

Marketing of Madness certainly immerses itself into the corporate mire and brings out the deep dark shadows of profit mongering that prevail at the cost of a patient’s mental erosion.

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"The Marketing of Madness" – Must Watch Movie
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