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10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than a Flu!

flu shots

The verdict is out on flu shots. Many medical experts now agree it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this verdict:

1.) There is a total lack of real evidence that young children even benefit from flu shots.  A systematic review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children age 6 to 23 months found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo. Also the shots are only able to protect against certain strains of the virus, which means that if you come into contact with a different strain of virus you will still get the flu.

2.) Medical journals have published thousands of articles revealing that injecting vaccines can actually lead to serious health problems including harmful immunological responses and a host of other infections. This further increases the body’s susceptibility to the diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against.

3.) Ever noticed how vaccinated children within days or few weeks develop runny noses, pneumonia, ear infections and bronchiolitis? The reason is the flu virus introduced in their bodies which creates these symptoms. It also indicates immuno-suppression i.e. lowering of the immunity. The flu vaccines actually do not immunize but sensitize the body against the virus.

4.) Its a known fact that Flu vaccines contain strains of the flu virus along with other ingredients. Now think about the impact such a vaccine can have over someone with a suppressed immune system? If you have a disease that is already lowering your body’s ability to fight a virus, taking the flu shot will put your body in danger of getting the full effects of the flu and make you more susceptible to pneumonia and other contagious diseases.

5.) The Flu vaccines contain mercury, a heavy metal known to be hazardous for human health. The amount of mercury contained in a multi-dose flu shot is much higher than the maximum allowable daily exposure limit. Mercury toxicity can cause memory loss, depression, ADD, oral health problems, digestive imbalances, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and many more such serious health ailments.

And what about the elderly? Can the flu vaccine help them?

6.) There is mounting evidence that flu shots can cause Alzheimer’s disease.  One report shows that people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3 to 5 years had a 10-fold greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease than people who did not have any flu shots.  Also with age the immune system weakens, thus lowering your ability to fight off infections. Introducing the flu virus in the bodies of elderly could have dangerous consequences.

Can we trust the authorities who are promoting the wide-spread use of flu vaccines?

7.) The Center for Disease Control appoints a 15-member Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  This committee is responsible for deciding who should be vaccinated each year.  Almost all the ACIP have a financial interest in immunizations. It’s all about the money and may have very little to do with your health and well being.  The very people pushing these vaccines stand to make billions of dollars.  This itself creates a doubt on how effective these flu vaccines really are?

8.) Research shows that over-use of the flu-vaccine and drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza can actually alter flu viruses and cause them to mutate into a more deadly strain.  Couple this with drug resistant strains and you have virtually no benefits with much risk.

9.) There is enough evidence that shows that the ingredients present in the flu vaccinations can actually cause serious neurological disorders. In the 1976 swine flu outbreak, many who got the flu shots developed permanent nerve damage. Flu vaccines can contain many harmful materials including detergent, mercury, formaldehyde, and strains of live flu virus. Is this what you want to put in YOUR body?

10.) Trying to guess what strain to vaccinate against each season has proved to be no more effective than a guessing game.  This has been very true in recent years with the H1N1 strain. Moreover getting multi-shots will only prove more dangerous as different strains of viruses and harmful ingredients are introduced into your body.

Flu shots are indeed more dangerous than you could think, and it is best to rely on natural ways to protect against the flu rather than getting yourself vaccinated.

Isn’t it interesting that the main stream public health officials never promote the various proven ways to avoid the flu other than through vaccination?  How about spending some of the billions of advertising dollars teaching us natural ways to boost our immune systems and avoid the flu without harmful and sometimes deadly vaccinations.

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  • Ginger

    Vaccines are a very effective form of population control.

    • Logan

      Follow the money trail and you will usually find useful information when making your personal choice. Also, look carefully when scare tactics arise. Fear is the most fundamental method of control.

      • Nolan

        You’re right, scare tactics are deadly, as so portrayed by this article, bolding scary statements, and citing numerous sources to look legitimate, without any substantial evidence in any of them. Think for yourself, don’t follow in the footsteps of the sheep that are scared of medical advance.

    • Regan

      You hit the head on the nail, Ginger I have felt this for years, Any doctor that uses fear (suppresses immune function) thank them and run the other way quickly.

    • spettye2

      OK, i found a box of fluarix in our fridge at work. Its from last year. I have the insert pamplet (on the box it says * see insert for more info) So I am wondering how many people have ever read it..

      It scared me!!! Should I scan it, and post it online for everyone to see???



        • PATRIZIA


          • Kevin

            Amen to that I just got one last week I dont think im getting one next year

    • A Davis RN

      This makes alot of sense!

    • Hannah

      I don’t mean to sound mean or disagreeable, but most of these “facts” are total fallacies. Vaccines are almost completely safe (with a very, very small history of contamination), and the science behind vaccines is actually relatively simple…I took immunology last semester and the mechanism was by far the easiest concept to grasp; we even administered our own vaccines to mice in lab and boosts, that’s how easy it is to simulate and see the results! I have no idea who wrote this article but I would love to hear what “experts” see the flu shot as more dangerous than the flu…The systematic review (1) seems like utter crap; I’m sorry but notice how we have virtually eradicated polio and a handful of other diseases directly due to vaccines. Yes, it’s economically impossible to create a vaccine that encompasses every single strain known at any given time, but the top 3-5 chosen are the ones that are going to populate about 99.9999999% of the planet…seriously you almost NEVER see any other strains popping up in large amounts…think of how stressful that job is, on a side note, picking what strains to use?!! it’s actually a very elegant process. I almost tore my hair out over (2) and (3), because the reason most people get any symptoms from a dead vaccine or a live, attenuated vaccine is because they have a weak immune system to start out with, and it can’t “take the training” from a vaccine as well as others. A very small percent of people don’t react the way they should, but vaccines are meant to work for a normal, healthy human; people need to make sure they aren’t immunosuppressed or have any other kind of condition that would make them sick getting any shot. Oh my gosh did they just try to say that symptoms mark immunosuppression? Idiots! It marks an immune response! Which means your immune system is WORKING!!! Think of what would happen if your body COULDN’T fend off a bacterial infection (for example) by inducing a fever to sweat out the bacteria! Dear Goodness!!!! I’m not even going to pretend (4) and (5) exist…and there is NO evidence that links flu shots to Alzheimer’s (6) (9), (10), or autism, or any other condition, for that matter…those are either claims made by the ignorant, or hoaxes every time (check out the story with the NFL cheerleader a few years back…just disgusting what some people will to get on television). (7): I guess what would a conspiracy article be without trying to scare people about the government more? (8): Everything causes mutations. Idiots. That’s why there are new strains every year that spring up, and we have new vaccines every year. If we didn’t have vaccines, yeah, there wouldn’t be new strains, because there wouldn’t have to be!!! The strains in existence would circulate just fine!
      People need the facts. I hope I wasn’t being mean, but I hate it when ignoramuses like the author of the article lower the IQ of people trying to learn about something important.

      • Alix

        so sad that you have been brainwashed by Merck and everyother person who has developed these text books that you are learning from, have you learned that polio is no longer an issue in the USA except for vaccine induced cases, because they stoped using DDT in the farming industry (and Merck developed a spray for insects during the war that they canvased areas with) so now the only place that polio is a problem is where they use DDT for farming and mosquitos along with their shitty water and sewage problems. What do you feel about Bill Gates getting his hands in the vaccine industry for as he says “population control”? Also have you learned yet the EVERYONE is allergic to mercury? I could go on for ever but maybe you could start doing your own research instead of listening to everything that you are “taught” in school!

        • Terry

          If you are looking at the so-called “references” at the bottom of the article, you will notice that every single one is from another quack site like this. Not a single scientific piece of research has been used, just rehashed scaremongering from irresponsible and criminal anti-vaxers.

          I suggest you actually do some proper research. Polio has nothing to do with DDT. It is a viral infection of the nervous system and has been almost eliminated by global vaccination. Smallpox was a viral disease that killed millions worldwide every year and was eliminated by vaccination. Measles used to be a common childhood disease in the developed word, killing hundreds of thousands of children every year, and causing blindness, deafness and brain damage in millions more. Today there are only about 150,000 deaths worldwide, mainly in developing countries. Why? Because of vaccination.

          People like you want us to go back to the middle ages, when millions of people died every year due to easily preventable diseases. You are irresponsible and dangerous.

        • Ben

          One simple thing, Alix, THERE IS NO MERCURY IN VACCINES! Try some basic science reading and find out the difference between elemental mercury, ethyl mercury (compound) and methyl mercury (compound). Comparing elements with compounds containing them is only valid if the latter breaks down into the former. Common salt (sodium chloride) contains a metal element that violently dissolves in water, producing hydrogen gas, and chlorine, a corrosive gas used to kill living cells.
          I suggest you anti-vax guys wake up to reality, learn some basic science and check out the data on the millions of people whose lives have been saved by vaccines. Nobody believes vaccinations are without risk (no medical or pharmaceutical intervention is), but the alternative is far worse to the population at large. However, if you do not want to take advantage, that is fine. The sooner ‘natural selection’ by stupidty takes people out of the gene pool who insist on believing in these baseless theories, the better.
          Don’t forget, ‘Big Pharma’ may well exist in some form, but so does ‘Big Natropathy’ and the like – they are making millions off this nonsense. I know I am not making money off the drugs industry, is that also true for you and the many (ridiculous) web sites you reference?
          P.S. What the heck is a nutritionist and is it a valid qualification?

        • James

          LOL….who do you think is brainwashed? Geee….I wonder what I will believe, a textbook that has information backed up by peer reviewed science, or some nobody on the internet?

          Mercury…you people sure suck that crap right up, don’t you? Look up how much IF ANY mercury is in the flu shot. Single shots DO NOT contain it. Multi-use vials contain it, and the amount injected is less than half of what is in a can of tuna.

          An awful lot of “theys” in your post….you sound truly ignorant my friend.

      • hector sierra

        Enter your text here

      • hector sierra

        ob, you have no idea what is goes on in the world at this time ,provably your are play video games too much. listen look for this web side and i hope you understand how evrything work.

      • James

        I agree, i my family and friends have had the flue shots for years, I have never heard of anyone in my area having a bad reaction.

      • Laura

        I agree

      • Dawn

        If you are eating correctly and feeding your body the right foods, your immune system should be doing EXACTLY what it is supposed to do. All disease is related to diet, minus the very few diseases that are genetic. There is mercury in vaccines. Mercury is dangerous. Just because you took one class doesn’t make you and expert. I meant that in the most sincere way. People get dangerous with a littel bit of knowledge. All of us. Start looking into the holistic approaches and studies. Do some research on studies that have been conducted that are not fudned by a major pharmaceutical company.

    • Dr. Steve

      Vaccines definitely are a very effective form of population control… It is a great way of artificially selecting for more intelligent people because only those with significantly decreased cognitive functioning would believe this garbage and skip out on vaccines. Then they die, and we have a few less stupid people on the planet.

  • Lionaire

    I have been saying this same thing since 2001 when a flu shot just about put me in the hospital. Because I was in a nursing home at the time going through re-hab, I had no choice. I have COPD now, and no way do I want to lower my immune system even further by having a flu shot.

  • Vanessa

    I definitely question the necessity of the flu vaccine, and this article brings up many great points. I would like to see a bibliography though, a list of sources or something. Just referring to ‘medical journals’, ‘reports’, and ‘medical experts’ to prove your point is not a strong argument. Please specify which medical journals, reports, experts so we can have credible sources to confront our doctors with. I can’t just tell my doctor I don’t want the flu vaccine because said it was dangerous. Thanks!

    • Iain

      “I can’t just tell my doctor I don’t want the flu vaccine because said it was dangerous.”

      Yes you can. It’s your decision whether to get vaccinated, not yor doctor’s. It’s not as if four or five nurses are going to pin you down and forcibly inject you. Just say “no thank-you” when offered the shot. Personally I don’t trust doctors as far as I could throw them.

      • Christine

        Why should we believe if they can’t even be bothered to put proper references on their website? I’d be far more likely to believe my doctor, who has gone to school for many years and has far more medical training, than some random website that has ads for things like the “Definitive Beauty through Mineralization E-course” and “Total Body Fitness Exposed instant download” advertised on it.

        As for information on the internet, I’m much more likely to believe that coming from a source such as the National Institutes of Health and the Mayo Clinic (legitimate sources) rather than some random website I’ve never heard of until someone sent me the link to this site. This is because the NIH and Mayo Clinic actually do research and provide references to studies backing up their claims.

        Now instead of just taking this site’s claims at face value, go and do the research yourself and make the decision for yourself. Oh wait, that would require knowing how to do research and knowing something about the scientific method, which unfortunately most people can not understand and which should be taught in our schools.

        Talk to your doctor about your issues and concerns. Flu shots are not right for everyone.

        • M.L.

          I see that you think Doctors are gods… I know there are good and greedy ones. But have you ever wonder who pays for their education meaning grants and scholarships. The pharma companies promote drugs its a trillion dollar business. They dont tell you what is more effective than drugs and cheaper. I’m not against their drugs they have thier place in an emergency, but not when your healthy. How long do they test this drugs? Some as long as 6 weeks, do you want to take that drug not knowing the results it will do to you in a year or two. Most of the doctors that are in the FDA committee have ties to the phama companies.Dont take my word for it just do your homework.

          • ASK

            Wow! I had no idea that Big Pharma was paying for all of these doctor’s educations. I’ll have to tell my friends who went to medical school who have 120K in student loan debt that they got totally ripped off! Don’t worry M.L. , I’ve done my homework and I will never be in any danger of taking your word for anything.

          • deborah

            Thanks M.L for trying to educate Christine.
            Pharmaceutical companies insure their profits by supporting medical schools and physicians. The pharmaceutical industry is the single largest supporter of medical schools. Thus, the schools teach the medicine that the pharmaceutical industry wants them to teach. Doctors get kickbacks for prescribing certain drugs. Everyone knows this!!
            i learned a long time ago to do my own research and not rely solely on doctors. i usually find a natural remedy vs taking some prescription along with some antidepressant offered by the MD!!

        • Jul

          Oh ML, REALLY with the Big Pharma? Is that all you’ve got? I’m with Christine, Doctors have just a titch more education than you, or the authors of this article! MOVE ON!!!

          • Jewess

            Trust your doctor always! If you don’t, you’ll never get to visit him as much!

          • Hannah

            Jul: Thank you! While yes, not every doctor is a saint (I believe no one in any job field is a saint, except…maybe sainthood), they are (wait for it…) EDUCATED IN A MEDICAL SCHOOL. If people don’t want to trust the decades of research behind vaccines, or the long process of developing a vaccine, I urge them to do their own research experiences and prove it. In fact, I urge them to seek out any researcher who’s sweated in a lab for months creating, testing, retesting, etc. a vaccine, go up to them, and say to their face: “You’re wrong! I don’t believe you know what you’re doing, but I read this article online and I KNOW MORE THAN YOU!” …You ever see the commercials where there’s a doctor doing road construction with the phrase, “You don’t want your doctor doing your job…so why are you trying to do his?”

        • Buzz Team

          Hi Christine.

          Please visit the article again as we’ve updated it with the references that many of you requested.

          • Kelly M Bray

            All you did was reference other unsourced antivaccine and alt med websites. That is nothing but a big circle. Where are the peer reviewed, science and evidence based studies?

          • ASK

            Anti-vaccination and alt-med websites are not valid references. If you want people to take you seriously in the field of medicine, you should learn where to find actual medical studies.

          • Cameron Brown
          • Ralphdtx

            hey oz,
            Citing other website that say the same thing is not research, nor is it valid. It like say that your aunt told you so. I challenge you to cite even 10 articles of the 1000′s that you claim that are anti-vaccine. From those articles distill the number of test subject and validity of their experimental design and statistical analysis. Then you might consider yourself doing people a favor, as you try to sell ad space based upon your fear tactics.

        • Jewess

          Your doctor said that he wants you to ALWAYS come back for MANY hospital visits…you better trust him! Get the jab, get sick, go to hospital. Weehah!

          Mercury, aluminum and other heavy metals are VERY safe for you! In fact, you need them! My doctor said this is true, and I believe him 100%! Fluoride is also safe.

        • Hannah

          Christine, thank you. One intelligent person has read this. Dear goodness, I’m a pre-med undergrad but the science and proof behind flu shots is SO SIMPLE I understood it WAY before my immunology class…People need to stop being ignorant. I’m posting a bigger comment somewhere below, but I just wanted to say thank you, again.

          • trent

            I’m in medical school and I have yet to meet a single pharmaceutical company representative or a pharmaceutical company dime!!!! Where do people think this crap up?! I’m going to be in debt for at least 10 years, and my debt will NOT BE PAID OFF BY catering to pharmaceutical companies! PEOPLE please realize that this article was written by a person with a mediocre education (if any) who referenced their information from other people with mediocre educations (if any)! Believing what this article says is like majoring in journalism at a school taught by illiterates. If you would like more information on this journalism school, please contact the author of this article.

        • james Tipping

          You mean you Doctors that make money from vaccinations instead of a website that makes absolutely no profit off of them and has nothing to gain from you not getting a flew shot.

      • Vanessa

        Iain: Okay, literally…yes I can just tell them no. What I meant is in order to not feel like an ignorant hypochondriac I need to be able to back my argument.

        M.L: Do your homework, and give us some facts or research citations to prove your allegations that ‘doctors have ties to Pharma companies who pay for their education via grants and scholarships’. It sounds like Christine is one step ahead of you in atleast knowing how to begin researching to make an educated decision so go easy on her. Making a snide remark that she thinks ‘doctors are gods’ is childish.

        • Christine

          I think part of the reason why I know how to do research is I am a M.Sc. student. I read journal articles repeatedly (mind you, geology journals) and if there was an article without references and just vauge facts I’d immediately have questions about its integrity. They are just asusming that we are going to take this website’s claims at face value – which is what I have a problem with, not necessarily some of the concerns brought up by the article. I do think vaccines need to be looked at more closely, but I think the majority of them are safe and many likely do save lives.

          I don’t typically feel that flu vaccines are necessary, but I wish I could have gotten the H1N1 shot last year, BEFORE I got very, very sick, first with H1N1 and then an ensuing bout of pneumonia (last for over a month before it finally completely cleared, after 3 diferent antibiotics including one that I reacted to). I am now having to deal with a chronic cough. Maybe the H1N1 shot would have prevented it, maybe not. But I’d like to have at least had that option. I was very healthy before this took its toll on me (I’m a 24 year old female).

          As a matter of fact, I do not think Doctors are gods by any means, including my own doctor, as he has had issues trying to solve the problem of this chronic cough. He is not an expert though and is referring me to a respirologist, but I don’t know when that will be (one thing I dislike about the Canadian public health care system-wait lines!). But at least I know he is being paid by the government/my tax dollars and not a drug company.

          As well, a lot of doctors these days are not even allowed to take so much as even 1 pen from “Big Pharma” because of ethical issues, let alone lots of money so the arguement that doctors are in the pockets of “Big Pharma” is probably incorrect.

          I don’t know how it is at US medical schools but in Canada, most medical school graduates take out loans and do NOT recieve grants/scholarships unless they are quite good in school. Most doctors care about their patients and not just about making a dollar… there are some who are the exception but no one is forcing you to see them. I just think that you should take your doctor’s opinion into consideration as he probably (and should) knows a lot more about medicine than this website. I do think you need to do your own research as well, but NOT on sites like this. Instead, go to more legit websites.

          • MV

            I am a doctor of physical therapy and have worked in big pharma, so I have more education and experience than all of you. In light of that, I must say that while doctors do not get pens anymore from pharma companies, they do get paid to speak on educational topics about the drug the pharma company is paying for them to promote. Typically, these doctors write the majority of the scripts for the drug they are promoting in that specific class of drugs, and many are speaking for many drugs in different and also within the same class. So while they don’t receive pens, they do get paid anywhere from 500 to 10000 dollars to speak at a lavish dinner. The flu vaccine is a giant push, and for you to take you beloved doctor at face value is just as idiotic as all of those who did not question Bernie Madoff and trusted that ponzi schemist with their money. Many doctors do not keep up with current literature, and why get a vaccine if it really does’t help? I never had the vaccine, and I have been fine. Most of the time the influenza virus mutates from season to season, so you are being protected against last season’s strain anyway.

          • james Tipping

            Like MV I have not had a flu vaccine in 8 years. In those 8 years I never had the flu. Every time before that I got the flu shot and got the flu.

        • Iain

          There are a considerable number of people, doctors included, who have spoken out against the supposed efficacy and safety of vaccines. In the UK over half of doctors and a third of nurses I believe stated they would refuse the vaccination and there were protests by nurses when the state of New York tried to impose mandatory vaccination on all clinical staff in hospitals.

          A few people who’s names you should Google are Dr Rebecca Carley and Dr Ghislaine Lanctot (both medical doctors and anti-vaccine campaigners. Ghislaine Lanctot was struck off for publishing her book “The Medical Mafia”), Jane Burgermeister and Dr Robert Verkerk – Director of the Alliance for Natural Health which, in my opinion is the most professional lobbying organisation in this area. Robert Verkerk is a former researcher at Imperial College in London and also campaigns against GM food, Codex Alimentarius and a few years ago he mounted a major legal challenge to the E.U. Food Supplements Directive.

        • Vanessa

          Iain: Thanks for the information. I’m looking it up right now. I also came across ‘The Cochrane Collaboration’ today. If you google ‘Cochrane’ and ‘Tom Jefferson’, there was a completely unbiased investigation done on the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine called ‘Influenza vaccination: Policy versus evidence’. I’m showing it to my doctor tomorrow to see if he has evidence in favor of the vaccine that is more powerful than Mr. Jefferson’s work.

    • ptcuz

      Vanessa… instead of blindly trusting doctors (which I don’t recommend…being in the medical field… I know many doctors and while there are some good ones – there are just as many if not MORE incompetent ones)… sadly – most docs DO go into medicine for the money…and vaccines, routine office visits etc etc… I can’t TELL you the last time I went to the doctor OR took my children to the doctor – that they didn’t push SOME prescription on me…. most often antibiotics for a virus…which anyone knows does NOTHING but boost our future resistance to antibiotics…

      Anyway – when a doctor suggests a vaccine for me or my children – I ASK HIM/HER to give me the research behind the vaccine… I ask for the insert in the vaccine dose and go over all the potential side effects… I also ask HIM to show ME the research to support – 1. the vaccine’s safety… how long has it been on the market etc… 2. the efficacy.

      You would be surprised as to how little research there is behind vaccines….

      • Vanessa

        ptcuz: aside from being the longest run on sentence I have ever seen, it is also extremely confusing what point you are trying to make in your first paragraph. Read my post directly above yours about the ‘Cochrane Collaboration’ where I describe doing exactly what you are recommending me to do.

        I’m not surprised how little research is done behind vaccines considering the evidence won’t support the claims. If you go to the CDC’s website the first three statements they make are facts about influenza and how awful and terrifying it is. Basically, they are stating the obvious, and avoiding how the vaccine can help us. If you want to know about the vaccine effectivenes you have to scroll all the way down to read one little sentence. It says the effectiveness correlates to how close a match the vaccine and current circulating strain are. So on average, those wouldn’t be high numbers and wouldn’t offer much support in favor of the vaccine.

  • Sharane Lani

    Right on target as usual! I avoid flu shots like the plague for many of the reasons that you have mentioned and just listening to that inner voice. I have watched while several people that I know have dutifily had their flu shots only to end up in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia to boot. Thanks for all your helpful tips and for keeping it real. I appreciate your knowledge and insight always. Sharane

    • Hannah

      Sharane: Are your friends immunosuppressed in any way? I encourage you and them to talk to their doctor before getting any shot, because a small percentage of people have such weak immune systems, they have reactions to the vaccine….If they have a couple symptoms right off the bat, that’s completely fine! It means your immune system is WORKING, not WEAKENED! If it helps, think of vaccines as a way to “train” your immune system for when the bigger, meaner, virulent bacteria/virus/etc. comes along. Also, vaccines take time to fully prepare your immune system, again, like “training.” For the flu shot, it takes UP TO TWO WEEKS to get the full benefits of the vaccine. I urge you to seek further education from your doctor, pharmacist, neighborly M.D, D.O, or anyone who has either been in med school, or ever taken a course on immunology…As a student, I cannot claim to know everything, which is why I wish to refer you to more learned persons, but if it helps, I can tell you that I have personally done experiments in a lab measuring the ability to immunize a living mammal against a given antigen.

  • Scott

    I beg to differ!

    I usually agree with much of what you post, but this article is both dangerous and propagating misinformation. I will not dispute every aspect that is wrong with this article. The only one I will comment on is the biggest urban myth. There is no mercury or heavy metals in vaccines!

    All and All you are better off with the vaccine then without. I teach at a university and I have not gotten the flu since they started the free flu shot for university Faculty and Staff. Before then I got the flu at least once a year.

    The anti vaccine hysteria is all based on rumor and misinformation. I had an uncle who almost dies from polio and with the advent of the vaccine it was almost gone from the earth, but now like other diseases it has return because people don’t get the necessary vaccines anymore. I’d rather risk a remote chance of a side effect then a guaranteed death from a disease…….

    • Trinity Star

      There actually is mercury/heavy metals in vaccines. You can go to CDC’s website ( and read the actual ingredients in vaccines. They don’t hide it – they just don’t announce it. There is also a law on the books stating just how much can be used in vaccines. This law is still active.

      With all the misinformation given to the public since vaccines were started, it’s easy to see why most people think those against vaccines are crazy. I highly recommend reading the “ingredients of vaccines” listed on CDC’s website and see if these are items you would like in your body or your child’s. I think you’ll be quite surprised at what’s in there and realize how disgusting it is.

      No need to get mad about it…

      • Jul

        Yes, there is TRACE amounts of Thimerosal in the flu vaccine and some others. TRACE. Don’t scare people in to thinking it makes up a great amount of the vaccine. Are you saying you would rather acquire Hepatitis A or B than have some yeast extract in your vaccine? Or Malaria? Let’s be real here, who is paying for this Web site?

        • Kriss

          The Health Canada Website’s statement on Influenza Vaccine is
          “Some flu vaccines contain up to 25 micrograms of mercury per dose, five times the maximum amount judged safe by the CDC for a 110 lb person.”
          I hardly call that “trace amounts’ of thimerosal.

    • Ann Distin

      Dear Scott
      I am amazed that you work with children AND get flu yearly
      I thought it was the constant contact with developing horrors incubating in the infants that kept me free from flu etc
      Possibly it is also ones outlook?

    • Sonnie

      Health is usually a state of mind. I am glad you changed yours to be healthy. If the thought of having a shot makes you healthy, good job. I have a friend in a life and death state after having a shoot that took 24 hours for his body to start fighting the reaction, but it could not hold up too the things that was in that shoot. It is nice to have the facts and then make your decision to what is good for you

    • Jewess

      Take your vaccine’s and shove them up yer ass.

      • Hannah

        Jewess, not to sound petty, but I think this is the fourth comment I’ve read by you that makes me ashamed to be of the same species as you…I’m asking you this one personal favor: keep the idiotic comments to yourself. Honestly, if your grammatical/spelling/formatting errors aren’t shameful enough, the content just makes my skin crawl. Your parents shouldn’t let you near the computer.

  • Trinity Star

    Unfortunately vaccines do contain mercury/heavy metals. You can go to CDC’s website ( and read the ingredients. You’ll be quite surprised. They don’t hide the info, they just don’t make it obvious. There is also a law on the books stating how much mercury can be used in vaccines – this law is still active.

    Here are some ingredients straight from CDC’s website:
    calf skin, chick embryo fibroblast tissue, chick kidney cells, human diploid tissue culture, monkey kidney tissue culture, mouse brain culture, etc. Common ingredients: aluminum, egg protein, formaldehyde, msg and thimerosal (mercury containing perservative). Again, this is all from CDC’s website under “ingredients in vaccines”.

    There’s no need to get mad – just get informed.

    • Thomas

      Who is mad? I missed that part. It looked as if someone was just giving a different viewpoint.

      • shelly

        A discrediting view point. No one seems to be mad as much as it being a debate. Yes Medical Drs are educated by the government run system which dictates what is allowed to be learned think about that one before throwing stones and accusing a site of being misinformed. The Internet has no less information than mainstream hard copied info available at our own fingertips. It is just a quicker resource.

  • Nellie

    This is all very informative – and I am not getting a flu shot again this year – but how about telling us what to do in PLACE of the shot? One small sentence at the end of the article stating there are other ways to protect yourself is NOT sufficient. The way the article is written just seems to be a scare tactic.

    • Buzz Team

      We hope you’re scared enough to stay away from the Flu shot. As for ways of protecting yourself we published this article 2 weeks ago:

      You really have to ask yourself why you don’t hear about natural preventive measures in the media. If you go through that thought exercise you will come to one and only conclusion. (Hint: It’s all about the money!)

      • Jul

        Did you know your Google ads include Walgreens, advertising their flu shots? Also Blue puppy food, and Blue Buffalo dog food was found to be harming dogs with too much vitamin D?

      • Ralphdtx

        Remove your ads, then I would believe that your motivation is sincere and not based upon money!

  • Mark

    Usual scare tactics. I think I’ll have to remove this from my E-Mail list because I did not expect the right-wing paranoid “everybody’s out to get us and kill you’ on this site.

    Very disappointing.

    • Realist

      “i don’t want to hear the truth LALALALALALA..” *puts fingers in the ears*

    • Mom in the Carolinas

      It’s actually very disapointing to see how people remain faithful to websites just to find somthing to complain about. If you arn’t interested in the topics of this site, then why are you here in the first place? It “is” up to every individual to make their own judgments on these issues, but don’t flush out any statement unless you have proof to disprove it. I’m no expert on anything, but I do have a great deal of knowledge to share with others that they could benifit from. This site does just that. Also, If you have taken any courses in Enviromrntal Science, which it apears you have not, you would know that there are many ways “allowable” to maintain control. It’s the helpful people,like the writers here,that “freely” opt to help people like you in making wise choices, So why make an effort to influence others to your personal oppinion? I wish you the best of luck.

    • Iain

      The fact that you used the phrase “right wing” betrtays the weakness of your argument.

      Right-wing (or right-wing extremist) has become a cliche term in recent years and tends to be used in a reactionary manner, in lieu of a strong argument, to put down anyone who challenges or questions the prevailing political doctrine or anything in current affairs that in the mainstream is held to be an axiom. Infact use of the term “left-wing paranoid” would be just as good.

    • Jul

      When talking about “scare tactics”, this article does it! This article was written with a personal slant. The type of writer that won’t listen to the other side of the argument. The research cited is done by people with the same one-sided view. Of COURSE they’re research will support the cause. Quit trying to scare people with your personal beliefs. Saying Big Pharma is the cause is getting SO OLD!!! PROVE this, and I’ll believe it….

  • RedRidingHood

    I am 54 years old, have taught at a university for over 18 years, and do not believe in the flu shot. The last time I ran a fever was more than 13 years ago. I have often witnessed people get the flu shot and then inevitably come down with the flu. Flu shots are simply money for Big Pharma, and all the adjuvants and toxic preservatives that are added make them dangerous as well. Plus injecting viral substances directly into your body places it into shock, drives your immune system into overdrive and thereby depletes your immmunity. Why is that? Because a full viral assault on your bloodstream is a competely unnatural way for a virus to enter your body. Normally a virus enters through various channels like your nose, airways, or mouth, giving the body ample notice to mount a defense in increments.

    How in the world did humankind evolve and survive for so many thousands of years without the flu shot?

    • Anonymous

      The lucky ones survived, the others died.

  • Wendy

    I would like to know where Scott got his information that flu shots don’t contain any mercury when it has been established that they do?


  • stephanie perdew

    Everything in this article I have read in several other articles and it can all be backed up with
    studies and trials if you care to look.

    The best way to protect yourself from the flu is…Most important… good hygiene, ( handwashing!)
    Have your doctor check your vitamin D levels. If you are low.. add a vitamin D3 supplement.
    Eat well, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.
    Don’t share glasses, forks, water bottles ect.
    If you do get sick…STAY HOME! Don’t spread it around.
    If you do some research there are other things that can be done as well.

  • David

    I totally agree. Back when I was in the military I dreaded the fall season because that was when we were required to get a flu shot. A lot of times after I got the shot I would get sick, so I made it an annual ritual to load up on every immune booster I could think of like Vitamin C, zinc, probiotics weeks before I get the shot. Now that I am out of the military I stay away from the flu shot and I have been healthy since.

  • Ray

    That was an interesting article, but I sent this on to a friend who noticed that there are no reference sources quoted for the studies that were mentioned. Would it be possible to publish these sources as it would make the article 100% more credible? Thanks.

    • Buzz Team

      Hi Ray.

      Please visit the article again as we’ve updated it with the references that many of you requested.

      • D

        I am looking at the article on 10/26, and I still am not seeing references or bibliography. I don’t need them for myself, as I have done enough homework to know that I would never get a flu shot, nor any other vaccine, for that matter. The article would be more credible if the sources were clearly stated. Thanks!

      • D

        AHH, I see the references now…they show up after the 2 videos!

  • AthenaMarie

    I have to say I completely agree with this article. The H1N1 shot actually gave my friend’s father the flu. He was hospitalized and it was a terrible ordeal.
    Vaccines in general scare me. When my son was 3 months old, I took him in for his shots(yeah I know, a month late… sue me). Two days later he became very very ill. He came down with a disease called Kawasaki’s(sp?). He was in the hospital for 2 weeks. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t move and couldn’t even cry after the second day. To put it plainly, the disease causes swelling in the heart and can be fatal. My son almost didn’t make it. I haven’t vaccinated my children since and nobody on the face of the planet can scare me into doing so. Nothing will frighten me more than almost losing my son to that.

  • tats

    Here’s a list of references from Dr. Al Sears:

    1 “Thimerosal in Vaccines Questions and Answers,” Food and Drug Administration
    2 “Flu shot does not cut risk of death in elderly.” Reuters, August 29, 2008
    3 Eurich, Dean T., et al, “Mortality Reduction with Influenza Vaccine in Patients with Pneumonia Outside ‘Flu’ Season,” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2008; Vol. 178: 527-533
    4 “Preliminary Results: Surveillance for Guillain-Barré Syndrome after Receipt of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009-2010
    5 Kongsbak, Martin, et al, “Vitamin D controls T cell antigen receptor signaling and activation of human T cells,” Nature Immunology 2010; 11: 344-349
    6 Palmblad, J., Petrini, B., Wasserman, J., Akerstedt, T., “Lymphocyte and granulocyte reactions during sleep deprivation,” Psychosom Med. June 1979; 41(4):273-8

  • Ellen

    I am afraid of the toxins in flu shots and will not get one. I can’t remember the last time I had the flu. Maybe 40 years ago? My good friend B. believes in flu shots and gets one every year. Every year she gets the flu and says, “I know it would have been worse if I didn’t get the shot.” Last year I knew several people, especially children who got very ill after getting flu shots.

  • KD

    You should site your sources for the “research”. While I don’t think the flu shot is that great, doctor’s DO encourage many people to get immunized. If you want to prove the latter you should put up links for the research you claim here. Also include things such as the amount of mercury found in the vaccine. Otherwise you are just scaring people into thinking they could die from heavy metal poisoning when that is just ridiculous.

    • Buzz Team

      Hi KD.

      Please visit the article again as we’ve updated it with the references that many of you requested.

      • Lola

        One of your sources is posted on angelfire???? Are you kidding me? They are not all so reputable!

  • Rosy

    Another controversy ? After some point , don’t know who and what to believe !! One thing is for sure….that money is definitely the centerpoint or incentive for all that is out there…good or bad !!

  • Cheryl

    I’m an RN working for an HCA hospital. We are required to get a flu shot or must wear a mask from Nov. to March. I guess the owners of HCA have interest in the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine. What a money-maker for them !!! Pretty awful when you consider that the pharmaceutical companies are protectd from law suits by the federal gov’t. What a wonderful system, require the shot and, if you get sick, you can’t sue.
    I’ll be wearing a mask…and looking for work.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it interesting that the main stream public health officials never promote the various proven ways to avoid the flu other than through vaccination? How about spending some of the billions of advertising dollars teaching us natural ways to boost our immune systems and avoid the flu without harmful and sometimes deadly vaccinations.

    Ummmm, maybe you don’t get out much, but every school and most offices have posters and the nurses on site give information about avoiding the flu and colds. Problem is most people can’t afford to keep their kids home when they are sick and send them to school anyway. The shot can help avoid the spread, but to be clear, no one ever said 100% guarantee. It increases your chances of not getting the flu 70 to 90%. And if you’ve already been exposed to the flu when you get the shot, won’t help. Bummer.

    These same scare tactics were used with the polio vaccine and small pox vaccine. There is always some risk in vaccines, as there is a risk every time you get in your car . . .

    3 red flags go up for me in this article: The reference of “medical journals” unsubstantiated, “research shows” unsubstantiated. Identify sources, please. “It is a known fact the the vaccines contains strains of the flu virus” . . . known by whom? It is inactive as is the virus in polio vaccine.

    The flu shot is not for everyone, but get real facts beyond bewellbuzz.

    • Jewess

      Yeah, the risks outweigh the benefits. Vaccines suck.

  • Terri

    They forgot #11. They have snuck in the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in the regular flu shot!!

  • Anonymous

    I have never gotten a flu shot, and I have never had the flu. I very rarely even get a cold. My boss used to get a flu shot every year and be sick for a month. He would come into work and cough and sneeze everywhere, and after 5 years working there I never contracted the flu once.

  • Hunter

    If you are expecting to obtain objective, balanced scientific information in this article,look elsewhere.

    Bottom line; if you don’t want to get a flu shot, don’t get one.

    However, unless you can provide clear and convincing, scientific evidence [personal experience is not evidence of anything in particular]to support hysterical, off-the-wall claims, please cease the crusade to infect unsuspecting others with uninformed opinion masquerading as fact.

  • John

    Research shows…..sources say…but of course no references are given. And even if they were given, they would be from anyone that has opinion on the subject (or a monetary interest in selling you some alternative solution), anyone other than the medical profession that has studied the situation from a knowledgeable standpoint for years, and knows what they are talking about.

    You people can go to your car mechanic to get your infected tooth extracted, but I am going to a dentist that has some idea of what they are doing. Learn to consult people that know something about the subject at hand, not a web page on the internet.

  • gre’nichgrendel

    Hey there, can I get the name and authors of the systematic study showing flu shots were no more effective than placebo? Pretty please? I would really, really like to have that on hand (also citations lend weight to your arguments, most of which I agree with and am not criticizing here).

  • TIna

    Medical schools are funded by pharmaceutical companies. Do the math.

    • Charlie

      Really, I went through medical school and paid my way through. I don’t recall anyone being paid through big pharma. I will admit that big pharma definitely tries to make their way into your doctor’s office but I have never seen them “push” vaccines. I have worked around the world, and I can tell you how horrible it is to see people suffer from preventable diseases like polio. I don’t think everyone necessarily needs the flu shot, but at risk groups can really benefit. More importantly, it is important that all kids get their vaccines. There have been at least 9 deaths this year from pertussis, a disease that is easily prevented if children get their vaccinations.

    • Doctor

      I graduated from a top US medical school in 1997. I did not receive any money from a pharmaceutical company, nor did any of my fellow students. The med schools in the US are not funded by corporations, but instead by the federal government and by the student’s tuition. Doctors are not universally bad, just as jews are not universally miserly, nor black people universally stupid. Stereotypes and ignorance ARE bad.

      • Jewess

        Doctor, you’re the ignorant one. Actually, worse. Foolish.

    • Jewess

      It’s like trying to bet against Vegas. When it’s a rigged game, you’re not going to win.

      • Anonymous

        Jewess: I love how you called a doctor “ignorant,” but I don’t think I can convince you that you DON’T know everything about the mechanisms of the med school system…That would be like trying to teach a worm to fly: he wouldn’t even grasp the notion of the sky, as he is blind.
        P.S. One of my close friends won $500 in Vegas…it’s not too hard if you’re smart.

  • Corvin

    Hey you know what would be really cool is if the author or authors actually cited their “facts” so their claims could be backed up. Otherwise any or all of this could be completely made up, and considering the nature of this site as far as I can tell this article isn’t really much more than an ad scare-campaign to sell their products. Cite your sources to prove this isn’t a bunch of BS.

    • Buzz Team

      Hi Corvin.

      Please visit the article again as we’ve updated it with the references that many of you requested.

      • gre’nichgrendel

        Thank you! I am finding them most useful. :)

  • Gerry

    We have one of the finest emergent care medical systems in the world. That is why we see children from underdeveloped countries with serious medical conditions being flown HERE to be operated on. The problem lies in the fact that we have tried,unsuccessfully (that is for us humans, not the pharmaceutical manufacturers, who believe that they OWN the doctors, and in many cases…they do,) to translate this out to the rest of our “health”care system.(I put health in quotes, because we have a SICK care system, that has very little to do with health.) And that simply does NOT work. Treating the symptoms and NOT the cause is like trying to put a Band-Aid on a lacerated hand. It won’t do the trick. Vaccinations don’t either. They are good for the vaccination manufacturer. Not the recipient. Some pharmacies actually have Flu Vaccine Gift Cards. How ridiculous!!!

  • Mark

    There is no mechanism for viruses to become “resistant” to vaccines. They are not organisms like bacteria that have DNA that can develop a resistance to antibiotics. Vaccines train our body to recognize and attack phages… Flu mutates almost as fast as the cold virus _anyway_.

    Also, your claim about Alzheimer’s disease….

    Your desire to reach a list of “10″ by posting bogus reasons discredits your whole list.

    Good luck with pertussis.

  • potenzmittel

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

  • John1586

    Very nice site!

  • Nancy

    My own experience with the flu shot is that I became sick with the flu the day after receiving the vaccine 3 yrs. in a row. I was told by the Dr. that the vaccine could not have possibly given me the flu because it is an innactive virus and I must have been exposed to something prior to getting the vaccine. I decided not to get the shot anymore and have not had the flu since then, for 6 yrs now.

    I wonder if there is a small percentage of the population who do become ill with the flu from the vaccine.

    • Charlie

      It takes 2 wks for the flu shot to provide any immunity to the flu. What you probably had was an immune reaction as your body was developing immunity to the variations of the flu covered in the vaccine. It definitely is up to you, if you want to get the shot. I can tell you that when the flu can kill. I have seen a couple people end up on life support because their lungs shut down because of the flu. Not sure if getting vaccinated would have changed things for them, but that was enough to make me get the shot. I can deal with a couple days with a runny nose and body aches, over ending up in the ICU…

      • Nancy

        Thanks Charlie,

        If it were only a few days that I were sick I would be happy with that but,I have fibromyalgia so when I get sick it’s worse and longer. Even just a cold takes me about 10 days to start to feel better. That’s why I decided I would rather take the chance of getting the flu as opposed to definitely getting sick (2 1/2wks. worth and almost hospitalized anyway)from the vaccine.


        P.S. I am sorry about how sick your friends became.

        • Nancy

          Ooops Charlie,

          It was someones else’s post about their friends.


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    • Nancy

      Hi Wedding Party,

      Just curious as to whose post you were referring to?


  • eva

    I am posting this info so that we should all wake up to what
    we are not told in the mainstream media. Please go to ‘Project
    Camelot’ site and find the interview with Benjamin Fulford and
    the other great site is David Wilcock and David Wolf. I can
    promise you all that these sites will answer all your questions
    especially all the interviews on the Project camelot site
    Henry Deacon etc. Please learn and pass these sites on to all
    your friends.

    Love to all

  • Love

    Anyone who blindly follows this nonsense is free to be as stupid as they want. When the world loses one more moron to a preventable disease because “big pharma” offered something with less mercury than tuna has, I will be okay with that. We need fewer morons on the planet, and not vaccinating your babies and bringing back good old fashioned plagues is one fantastic way to do it! Those of us who gave “big pharma” the money to get ONE shot (did you know vaccines and inoculations make up less than 2% of pharmaceutical companies profit margin? Did you know that? The rest? Anti-depressants, Ritalin, boner pills, and other overprescribed and completely worthless pills thar people take EVERY DAY instead if once when they were born. If you think getting everyone to do something cheap once or twice will make you rich, well…you fall into the category of people who are free to die, and in fact will help our society grow, mentally at least.
    The ONLY valid point in this article is that cretins strains of the flu are not protected by the shot. So with that logic, police should not wear bullet proof vests, because they only protect the chest.
    Again, I don’t want to discourage anyone from not getting a flu shot. I make LOTS of money off of the hospice equipment I deliver to you when you decide to die at home from flu related complications. I make money off the oxygen I deliver to you after you get pneumonia. Of course, why would you trust the doctors on that?! Tell them that YOU DON’T need it!! Find a retarded article online that says that oxygen is bad for you. That way I can just deliver a hospital bed and pick it up a few days later. I get paid the same either way.

    • Eric

      Haha! You get paid okay money delivering stuff to dead people! I get it though- you love the money, but hate the ‘useless’! We need a little more chlorine in the ol’ gene pool. I get where you’re coming from! Haha! Right on bro!

    • Crusty

      Thanks for that dose of rational thought.

  • eva

    this is just one of the many truthseeker interviews on
    project camelot

  • Wendy

    Hey all, check out this great article on why most doctors haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. 90 percent of the information they receive is bogus.

    • Doctor

      I would encourage everyone to read the article cited. This does not say that doctors don’t know what they’re talking about, just that medical research, like any other thing in the world, can be corrupted by money and the desire for power. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that medical research is not correct 100% of the time, and in fact, they make that point at the end of the article. Research should be given the permission to be wrong occasionally so that it can be corrected and we can all grow.

  • Flo

    Got my flu shot as I have for the last 18 years, used to get flu at least once a year, none since I have been getting the shot. You or one of those DOCTORS like you have said the Hini was all a scare to make money on the vaccine, how did they manage to let some getthe h1n1,And some die from it??The pandemic was avoided because so many people had sense enough to be immunized , to protect themselves and others.Too bad ,I guess that you were not around to warn people about getting immunized against smallpox, diptheria, measles polio , etc. so that children and others could still be dying from all those thing like they did in the past,You must be so proud of yourself for discouraging people from protecting themselves from flu.I am old enough to remember when those diseases took many lives each year. Ill trust my Doctor thanks

    • Valery

      If people like you want to get vaccine shots – no problem. It is your choice. But those who are reluctant should not be forced by any means to be vaccinated. This is the problem!

      • Doctor

        I would like to see a citation of where people were forced to get the flu vaccine.

        • Brendan

          Me too! Outbreaks of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) have been on the rise, almost certainly due to these idiots who don’t vaccinate their children. Our society allows for freedom of choice, but not when your actions (or lack thereof) put others lives in danger. It is as simple as that!

          • Kriss

            If you believe in your vaccines so much and are convinced that they work than why are unvaccinated people such a large threat to you?

          • Hannah

            This is actually for Kriss’ comment below:
            Some people can’t/shouldn’t get the vaccine BECAUSE THEY HAVE A WEAK OR OTHERWISE SUPPRESSED IMMUNE SYSTEM. This is why I urge people to get educated on if they have a condition that would keep the vaccine–which is meant to make normal, healthy humans able to combat a disease–from working properly with their maybe not-so-normal system…Also, BABIES are at a huge risk because many vaccines (including ones for pertussis) can’t be given until 6 months, so if you aren’t responsible to get a vaccine, and go around spreading disease due to your selfishness, you could be responsible for the deaths of newborns and cancer fighters, just to name a few! The herd immunity has to be achieved WORLDWIDE because of how easily people can travel today…you don’t even know what herd immunity is, do you?

  • Nancy

    Thought I would share this. Its a little long, but worth the read.

  • Eric

    I’ve seen this posted by many people all over Facebook lately and this is the exchange that followed one of the links to this article in the comments. I think it sums up why I’ll ignore anything on this site from now on:

    Me: “I’ve never had a flu shot and don’t think people with stable immune systems need them, but I’ve seen this “report” floating around for a while now and it’s full of errors, exaggerations, and unsupported or insubstantial evidence, and of all the doctors and studies it references it names not a one. There is less hyperbolic information easily found and it’s well worth reading over this activist’s rantings.”

    Them: “if you want references, you can scroll to the bottom of the article where the webpages he referenced are listed. perhaps it’s a little sensationalized (but what isn’t these days?), but that doesn’t mean this information isn’t true.”

    Me: “I first read this over a week ago, but did just see that they updated the article with references days after releasing it because people were commenting that this was all baseless (a comment from the Buzz Team: “Hi Christine. Please visit the article again as we’ve updated it with the references that many of you requested.”).
    So, now we know that this information was collected from, among other sources, Shirley’s Wellness Cafe and the blog of former sci-fi writer Chet Day (who will sell you any of his diet books, tooth soaps, meditation CDs, and yeast infection treatments, but his eat-only-apples diet guide is free for signing on to his newsletter). Follow the reference links; it’s mostly holistic blogs and page’s selling health food books and healing crystals. Again, I don’t get flu shots, so this isn’t knocking the view, but this is just a poorly written and radical-minded piece that speaks with supposed authority but offers no actual facts, which is not where anyone should go for medical information.
    Also, the page is covered with several ads, which we all know is unnecessary to raise the dozens of dollars a year it costs to operate a web site (unless you start one of the numerous free sites), so this is a money-making venture itself, one that gets more pennies from it’s advertisers for every person that clicks on the page. When they encourage readers to share it with all of their loved ones to defeat the pharmaceutical companies’ destructive manipulation of our very own bodies, they get monetarily rewarded for their altruism. Could that be why there are so many widgets or whatever to share, like, tweet, and email the article all over the page?
    By the way, this exhaustive research took me about five minutes and contains more actual facts and details than that entire article, and I’m not even trying to seem like I know what I’m talking about, which goes some ways to prove that they might not.”

    • Vanessa

      Eric: You hit the nail on the head. I asked for references when I first read this opinion laced ‘blog’, and wasn’t all that surprised when they added a list of sources that were just as groundless as their own writing! I searched through the sources looking for something credible, and it was apparent that they just pieced together a bunch of other people’s fact-less opinions to make one heck of a bad paper. The author really should get back to basics on writing a research paper or article. Thanks for drawing attention to this, since I think most will skip over the sources assuming they are credible.
      I abandoned looking for answers in their sources and began my own search. I came across the Cochrane Collaboration, a group of international researchers who have no financial, political, etc interests. They prepare systematic reviews, which are regarded as the strongest form of medical evidence. There is one review called ‘Influenza Vaccine: Policy vs Evidence’ by Tom Jefferson. You can find it published in the British Medical Journal, and it concludes that there is not enough good research to prove that the flu vaccine is safe or effective. Also, that current policy does not correlate with lack of good research.

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      Yes, you can definitely use the information from the site, just make sure you give us a credit.
      Thank you

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  • Elliott Bettman MD

    Boy a lot of conspiracy nuts here. I am a salaried primary care MD. When a crush of folks come in with the flu in February I get more work but no more money. So yes the flu vaccine sort of plays to my laziness. NO MD likes primary care (IM FP Peds in many cases) anymore. Anesthesiology and Radiology are more lucrative and they dont have to form relationships with patients or do ad nauseum paperwork all the time. I get a flu shot every year. in 08 I DID get the flu b/c they didnt cover the right strain. Mmost of the time it works. I havent had a severe flu since 1978. last bad one before that was 68. I DID used to get many colds thought

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    Finally a source putting out the truth rather than the typical media and medical doctors brainwashing the public to think vaccines are good for them

  • Dr. Harris Meyer

    The Goal: Get this information to the inbox of the REST of the population. We all know the truth, now we need to help those who haven’t been told. Let’s hit it people and keep up the great work!

  • Crusty

    Love the “references” in this “article”, written by “Dr.” Viera.

    Where are the peer reviewed journals?

    Anytime a Ph. D. presents themselves as “Dr.” outside of an institutional setting, you automatically know something is fishy. A Ph. D. in Biomedical Sciences does not make one an authority on vaccination.

    When your kid, or someone you love dies or is permanently harmed by a preventable disease, you will finally understand the value of immunization.

    Until then, consider the value of these immunizations:
    Hep B

    How can you people seriously say immunizations are so ‘dangerous’. Get with the program people. We are in the 21st century.

  • Robert

    For people that got with the program and did get vaccinated. Let’s get down to hard facts. 20 years ago a child by 6 years old According to the CDC vaccine schedule got 10 shot 30 vaccines. Today in 2010 by 6 years old in the US the child gets 36 shots 109 vaccines. Just a few months ago they added 4 more shots to the CDC’s vaccine schedule.

    Here is the big one. Never have they done studies of the cumulative effects of all the chemicals, viruses, Pathogens, RNA/DNA of animals.

    Do you think a childs DNA will ever be the same?
    Here take a look so you can see what I mean:
    Toxic Vaccine Ingredients: Varicella virus/ human diploid lung cells, Embryonic Guinea pig cell cultures, Beef heart infusion/ fetal bovine serum, Ammonium Sulfate, Glutamate, Neomycin, Tetanus Toxoids, & Acellular pertussis endotoxin, serum, aluminum, formaldehyde, Thimerosal (mercury derivative), phenol/ phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), dry natural latex rubber, Hepatitis B virus gene / yeast protein, Tetanus Toxoid, Haemophilus influenza type b antigen, Neisseria meningitides serogroup B, Ammonia Sulfate, Aluminum, Dry natural latex rubber, Haemophilus influenza type b antigen, Aluminum, Mumps virus / chick embryo culture, Rubella virus, Human albumin, Sorbitol/sucrose, Aspartame, Glutamate, Neomycin, Diphtheria toxoid, Streptococcus pneumonia/ soy peptone broth/ yeast, Ammonium Sulfate, Glutamate, Neomycin, Polio virus/ monkey kidney cell, phenol/phenoxyethanol, dry natural latex rubber, neomycin

    Go ahead be my guest and get with the program that is if you don’t care about protecting your DNA and the DNA of your future generations. As per Dr Russel Blaylock some of the genetic materials from vaccines does get passed on from generation to generation. Remember that toxins, chemicals, viruses, RNA/DNA of animals will multiply through out your body and some of them will be passed on through sperm and femail eggs to the fetus.

    Never have they done studies of the cumulative effects
    Of all the chemicals, viruses, Pathogens, RNA/DNA of animals.

    Bottom line: DETOX ASAP! so that you can prevent further damage to your DNA and the ORD knows what else.

  • Gertie Gehris

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  • Tris

    I had the flu shot when I entered Basic training for the military. I became very sick a week or 2 after during training. This included coughing of thick yellow mucus with blood. I was very athletic never got sick or had headaches of any sort. I had 20/20 vision before, and I do not now. I would recommend against it, but its your own body so do what you like. As far as deterioration in my vision I am uncertain as to other side affects the shot has. If you want to be healthy with strong immune system, eat right, its no secret. I’ve researched on my own and there are claims that it can cause irreversible DNA damage which include:

    1.Cell suicide (apoptosis) or programmed cell death.

    2.Unregulated cell division leading to cancerous tumors.

    3. Irreversible state of cell dormancy (senescence).

    • Hannah

      I’m glad to hear you did outside research and am sorry to hear you got sick. Those don’t even sound like flu symptoms, for the most part. :( But you should know that apoptosis and senescence are actually normally-occurring effects in the body, and that cancerous tumors are a result from those two (and other mechanisms) failing. I’m not sure where you got your information but don’t worry about apoptosis or senescence…for the former, an example is your red blood cells programmed to die after 120 days, because they have been exhausted to the point of inefficiency.

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  • Ella

    Here are a bunch of comments by people who have just enough knowledge and education to be dangerous. The flu shot does not give you the flu. And, there are hundreds of other viruses out there that can cause symptoms similar to flu. One of them is RSV, respiratory synctial virus. Another one is adenovirus. It is highly unlikely that some of you “got sick with flu” right after getting the shot . You probably got sick with something else. In the scientific community there is a saying: Correlation is NOT Causation. That means, simply because it happened around the same time does not mean that one caused the other. If the phone rings at the exact moment that you flush the toilet, do you automatically assume that the flusing of the toilet causes the phone to ring? No you don’t. the two are correlated; that is they happen at the same time, but one does not cause the other. Come on people, y ou are smarter than this. Don’t just swallow the drivel of a bunch of people who have some random anti-science, anti-medicine, agenda. Because just like some of you claim that Pharma has an agenda, so does those anti-science people.

  • TruthintheNight

    My father got a flu shot and within hours became paralyzed with transverse myelitis. Doctors tell me NOW that this is “a common side effect.” My father died after attempts to relieve the paralysis with steroids caused his kidneys and adrenals to fail. All to prevent a “possible” flu. Hmmm. Maybe a bit more Vit.D would have prevented all this mess. Opinions are one thing, and dead family members are another. Talk on. No shots for me.

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    Thanks for your article that written about the flu vaccine.That vaccine has mercury and some chemical caused to be neurological disorders and you also said that fight back the flu shot with natural way is the best.I like all these words and accepted.I am herb lover and always using the herb `cause it has less side effect.During the flu season i make the ginger and jaggery with boiling water on the heat and after that i used it for fight the flu.That drink can make made me reduce headache and fever.This is the way of our traditional medicine.There are a lot of traditional medicine of herbs bottles in my house.and i still learning about the ancient medicine.

    • Julie

      no vaccinations contain mercury.

      • jazzz

        Actually, they do. They are no longer allowed to make them with mercury but due to mass production their are still lots of vaccines with mercury which by law are allowed to be used up

  • Diane Sirman

    TYVM, wonderful job! This was what I needed to know.

  • Mike

    This article is a heap of poorly worded urban legends, conspiracy gibberish, and twaddle.

    • cemond

      His reference are poor without valid research and the few that are credible are improperly cited! People please beware when reading from Blogs, they often have misinformation and usually the author has an underlying self-serving motivation.

      • BeWellBuzz

        We happen to agree… Don’t believe us. Do some research and find out for yourselves what’s true! Too many people buy into what gurus and others say blindly. We have an agenda and that is to expose the medical industry for what it is… a money making machine where people are considered disposable. We aim to empower our readers to take control of their health instead of being slaves to the system. Dig?

        FACT: When you eat nutrient rich foods you have no need for flu shots because your immune system is strong. We welcome you to listen to nutritionist Shawn Stevenson and learn how to boost your immune system NATURALLY:

        • Julie

          you may agree, but you are terribly mis-informed. the flu vaccinations are not something that is a “money maker” as you claim, and in fact the vaccines are readilly given to people in FREE clinics. i do agree that eating healthy is important, but as a nurse, i have done extensive research in this area. the ONLY reason someone should NOT receive a flu vaccination is if that person is allergic to eggs, chicken or feathers. and no, i don’t “dig” what you are saying. people are NOT disposable, and never HAVE been to the people who care for them. HOWEVER, if this whole “OBAMA CARE” thing goes through, THAT is when people will become DISPOSABLE, ESPECIALLY THE ELDERLY, AND ANYONE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, CANCER, ETC. please do your research from an un-biased standpoint. most of what you have claimed and cited us untrue.

          • BeWellBuzz


            We appreciate what you do and know that you care for the people you treat. Our medical system as whole is a business, as such, it’s responsibility isn’t to us but the bottom line. This plays a major role in influencing doctors and nurses. The $$ is in the treatment, not the cure. That was our point when we said disposable.

            At the center of the debate we don’t think this is a question of flu shot.

            The central question we should be asking ourselves is:

            Why Do We Get Sick?

            The answer is because our immune system is weak.

            Next question…

            Why does our immune system weaken?

            Our immune system weakens and we get sick because our body lacks the proper nutrients. A strong immune system wards of Infectious disease caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites).

            Scientifically, colds and flu are just a sign of a nutrient deficiency in the body, it’s not a deficiency of a pharmaceutical drug or a flu vaccine.

            Just because these vaccines are given away for free doesn’t mean pharmaceuticals are donating them. Something is subsidizing the “free” vaccines and that is our tax dollars.

            Let food be thy medicine!

          • RA Dickey

            I’m just speechless. Eat a bag of dicks thanks.

          • Brance

            BeWell, you are 100% full of crap.

            So you’re saying if you eat the right foods, I can shoot smallpox into your system (unvaccinated) and there is NO HIGHER chance you get it than if you were vaccinated?

            you should be arrested for giving out this false health information.

          • BeWellBuzz

            Brance, we’re saying that the complications of being vaccinated may be more dangerous than the disease itself. Check this out: (If we were arrested who would help you find this amazing information?) Cheers.

          • Kim

            I believe you too are passionate about your beliefs and should remain a little MORE un-biased as you have suggested also. My dearest friend just passed away due to the “flu shot”. Proven by an autopsy. No allergies to eggs, chicken, or feathers. No allergies what so ever. Let’s agree that there are more dangers than we are notified of. Her death occurred in the doctors office after the shot was given. Let’s agree that if that lower percentage was the odds of my child, i am thankful that bewellbuzz gave me the questions to doubt it and research it to make the best decision for MY family. My best friends son is dead because of a brain tumor that some of the BEST brain surgeons and oncologist suggested possible links to vaccinations. So, I’m thankful that I hear the both sides. Also, my cousin who is a scientist said vaccinations are money makers for the companies who make them and it alot of money ;) Not taking sides. The medical industry amazing things but there is definetly some “wiggle” room with “public and published” medical information. Our medical industry saves many lives. It’s our job to educate ourselves and them make OUR own decision. God Bless!

          • Brance



            “DISCLAIMER:The information on this website is not medical science or medical advice. This information is not backed up by scientific evidence.”

            ^^ straight from the bottom of your link. This is EXACTLY what i’m talking about. ANYONE can put ANYTHING they want on the internet. As consumers and those seeking advice, you must be able to not only find advice, but GOOD advice. That entire site was just the ramblings of a single person or group of persons with little to (likely) zero scientific background. Anyone worth his/her salt will look to see how valid the information is before presenting it.


          • Brance

            I’m absolutely stunned you would post that article claiming that smallpox isn’t contagious, and the vaccine is a ‘grave hoax’.

            You’re right, it only killed over 200 million people worldwide in the 1900′s, but since the WHO declared it eradicated due to vaccination efforts, the last death from smallpox was in 1978, and was a result of a lab accident.

            But you’re right, it’s a hoax, and clearly a burden on society to vaccinate.

            Go choke on your own empty words and false promises. When you show you can present actual scientific evidence that PROVES (not ‘possibly trends to’ or ‘suggests’ your views, then maybe you’ll persuade me. At least have the common decency to not lie to those that listen to you, you’re no different then Jim Jones.

            I can say with 110% certainty that far, far, FAR more people will die as a result of NOT being vaccinated rather than the alternative.


          • Anonymous

            You are my hero.

        • Dale Everett

          I experienced working in a hospital first hand and thank you so much for this info which verifies what I though. very simple. I avoided shot did not get sick. Other workers got very ill who got the shot and then were unleashed to work around children. It is a shame that people call this a conspiracy theory. The only way around that is to create a site that has a “cdc” feel to it instead of a blog. Good luck and thanks again for this amazing info

          • Dale Everett

            Brance we are talking about a flu shot why are you bringing small pox into this. Everyone gets a cold. Now cold systems are called the flu. absolutely ridiculous. If they called it a cold vaccine people would not do it.

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  • Jame Niemiec

    I read your article a couple of times so I could be sure I took in all the points. I’m in agreement with you on a lot of this content.

  • Julie

    Not one of your sources was cited in this. I’d like to see each and every journal and study that you mentioned. Not one piece of evidence was backed up in this article. Where is the scientific research here? Does anyone have ANY Medical background AT ALL who writes these things? The author didn’t even put his/her name on the article. This is just a completely nonsense article that uneducated people read and tend to believe because they have no clue about the medical/pharmaceutical field background at all.

    • Brance Wilson

      Thank God someone here understands the value of using actual studies to back up information. I wanna ask the author what the power of this findings is? What’s the P value? What were the parameters? Were the results clinically significant? Statistically significant?

      100% nonsense and quite frankly APPALLING that people will read this and actually think it has a shred of truth.

    • Julie

      exactly! as a nurse, these are the myths i find myself having to fight DAILY to keep people healthy! no evicence can be cited because this information is all false.

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    The Fed. Those guys belong in jail is where they should be.

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    Excellent blog you have got here. You’ll find me going through your stuff often. Saved as a favorite!

  • Brance Wilson

    As a pharmacist immunizer, I can say with 100% certainty that ALL 10 of these so call ‘facts’ are either skewed, or flat out false. There is an enormous advantage to getting the shot, with very minimal disadvantages. I went through every ‘reference’ listed, and zero of them were valid. Before getting ANY health information online, check to see if it is at LEAST HON code certified, which would be signified with an emblem on the bottom. None of the references had it, and neither does this site.

    If you want to be educated about the flu vaccine or any vaccine, do your own research and read your own trials. The trial that showed the ‘alzheimer’s’ link did NOT REACH clinical significance, meaning, there is way too high a chance the ‘so called link’ was due 100% to random chance than an actual causal link.

    • eric

      being a nurse and a medical doctor myself, information should be based on several medical research. could you be kind enough to provide me with the study on alzheimers and flu shots?

      thank you so much

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  • Julie

    as a nurse, i have to disagree with most of what this says. vaccines no longer contain mercury, it was removed and has been illegal for nearly the past 10 years. also, unless you get a LIVE vaccine, there is no possiblity of getting the flu. the deadened vaccine is introduced so that the body can make antibodies against it. also, there is no confirmed link between alzheimer’s disease and vaccinations, nor a proven link between neurological issues and vaccinations. there have been issues in this area ever since the doctor claimed that childhood vaccines caused autism. he has since then had his medical license revoked, and has had to take back everything he said, and all his “work” has been removed from medical journals, and he is also facing many lawsuits because his research and claims have since been proved completely false, which after the scare he caused, no one wants to hear these things. basically everything in this article is false. i myself as a mom and nurse have researched this subject in-depth, and all the information contained in this article is either false, or has been disproven years ago.

    • Vic

      Thank you Julie – you seem to be one of the three sensible people here. It scares me how many people believe all the BS they read on the internet, and even more so – that bloggers take advantage of that and post that dangerous BS to get the traffic. Very irresponsible to use such a life-important issue.

  • Eric

    I posted this here last year, but continue to get emails alerting me to new comments, so I thought I’d throw it back into the conversation, since it never seems to stop:

    I’ve seen this posted by many people all over Facebook lately and this is the exchange that followed one of the links to this article in the comments. I think it sums up why I’ll ignore anything on this site from now on:

    Me: “I’ve never had a flu shot and don’t think people with stable immune systems need them, but I’ve seen this “report” floating around for a while now and it’s full of errors, exaggerations, and unsupported or insubstantial evidence, and of all the doctors and studies it references it names not a one. There is less hyperbolic information easily found and it’s well worth reading over this activist’s rantings.”

    Them: “if you want references, you can scroll to the bottom of the article where the webpages he referenced are listed. perhaps it’s a little sensationalized (but what isn’t these days?), but that doesn’t mean this information isn’t true.”

    Me: “I first read this over a week ago, but did just see that they updated the article with references days after releasing it because people were commenting that this was all baseless (a comment from the Buzz Team: “Hi Christine. Please visit the article again as we’ve updated it with the references that many of you requested.”).
    So, now we know that this information was collected from, among other sources, Shirley’s Wellness Cafe and the blog of former sci-fi writer Chet Day (who will sell you any of his diet books, tooth soaps, meditation CDs, and yeast infection treatments, but his eat-only-apples diet guide is free for signing on to his newsletter). Follow the reference links; it’s mostly holistic blogs and page’s selling health food books and healing crystals. Again, I don’t get flu shots, so this isn’t knocking the view, but this is just a poorly written and radical-minded piece that speaks with supposed authority but offers no actual facts, which is not where anyone should go for medical information.
    Also, the page is covered with several ads, which we all know is unnecessary to raise the dozens of dollars a year it costs to operate a web site (unless you start one of the numerous free sites), so this is a money-making venture itself, one that gets more pennies from it’s advertisers for every person that clicks on the page. When they encourage readers to share it with all of their loved ones to defeat the pharmaceutical companies’ destructive manipulation of our very own bodies, they get monetarily rewarded for their altruism. Could that be why there are so many widgets or whatever to share, like, tweet, and email the article all over the page?
    By the way, this exhaustive research took me about five minutes and contains more actual facts and details than that entire article, and I’m not even trying to seem like I know what I’m talking about, which goes some ways to prove that they might not.”

  • Vietta Robinson

    Can’t believe the number of people on Be Well buzz twittering about getting their flu shot! Do you people read labels? Do you have any idea what you’re allowing them to put in your body? Bill Gates says vaccines are one of the best ways to reduce the population. Mike Adams of Natural News calls people who line up to be injected with toxic poisons “zombies”! Wake up people! The movement is spreading all over the world to “occupy wallstreet” which means oppose the System of lies and deceits. It’s a new day and your survival depends on your acquiring knowledge. That’s what Be Well Buzz is here for. Shalom

    • Kate

      Thankfully for us, neither Bill Gates or Mike Adams are doctors, nurses, or pharmacists. All of the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists as well as the Centers for Disease Control and World Health organization say the vaccines save lives and that the flu shot along with hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the flu.

    • Anonymous

      Feel free to live back in the time before vaccines, when smallpox and polio were taking lives regularly…because I don’t want to live in the same century as you.
      Regardlessly, Warm Regards

  • angela

    Are you saying that people who read BeWellBuzz are getting flu shots??? I share your amazement. They are mad or stupid – take your pick. Just by seeing how the media is pushing this suicidal act, one should know there is something sinister behind it. But frankly, people who are this mad or this stupid, we are better off without. Survival of the fittest rules evolution.


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  • SuperfluousDude

    Not only is your “article” twaddle, as someone says, it appears to me that most or all of your positive comments are faked, most like written by the same person. I do not know your exact motication for writing this idiocy (and I really doubt you believe it yourself), but I believe you somehow profit from this.

    • SuperfluousDude

      Sorry for the typos in my response.
      “like written” should be “likely written”
      “motication” should be “motivation”

  • Rekrapnave

    It scares me as an immunizer to see posts such as this. What scares me even more is the people who are ignorant enough to believe it. I would like to see the credentials of the author of this article. I’m sure they’re “I.B.D” doctor of internet blogging. Anyone who pays a cable bill can make outrageous claims such as this. The reason smallpox was eradicated in ’79 is BECAUSE OF THE IMMUNIZATION!!! Try researching herd immunity. Try approaching any healthcare provider and asking them if they think you need the flu vaccine. It’s sad to see so many people just take some random person’s advice over such a serious issue. Have some respect for yourself and get the FACTS. And while you’re at it, have some respect for others and stop trying push this propaganda and take advantage of ignorant people.

  • Nicholas

    No one in our family has ever had a flu shot and never will.
    Boosting the immune system is not tough folks.
    But takes discipline which seems like many do not have.
    Add regular work outs with super foods and you’ll be fine all year.

    • texasaggie

      Don’t even begin to understand the immune system, do you?

    • James K. Nelson

      Vaccinations “boost” the immune system. That’s why they work. “Discipline” does not. “Super foods” do not.

  • eric

    these bloggers should be ashamed of themselves for posting MISLEADING INFORMATION

    Got this info from a medically trusted source, a main website about alzheimers disease (all of which are backed up by research)

    Myth 6: Flu shots increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease
    Reality: A theory linking flu shots to a greatly increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease has been proposed by a U.S. doctor whose license was suspended by the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners. Several mainstream studies link flu shots and other vaccinations to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and overall better health.

    A Nov. 27, 2001, Canadian Medical Journal report suggests older adults who were vaccinated against diphtheria or tetanus, polio, and influenza seemed to have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those not receiving these vaccinations. The full text of this report is posted on the journal’s Web site.

    A report in the Nov. 3, 2004, JAMA found that annual flu shots for older adults were associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes. The abstract of that report is posted on PubMed.


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  • ProHealth & Exercise

    The BeWellBuzz exists for no other purpose than to generate ad revenue for its authors, as is the main goal for most blogs and should not be considered professional medical advice. If you are looking for professional medical advice, go see your doctor and if in doubt, get a second opinion. This article was really nothing more than garbage…

    • Dale Everett

      No this site does not follow sheep mentality and offers other opinions other than the Machine which just wants to scare people and make billions doing it. What ever happened with the “scary bird flu” remember that one

      • James K. Nelson

        Yeah, I remember, it killed people in Europe and Asia. Luckily no outbreaks in the US, but that’s just luck.

  • Jamie

    My husband is required by his job (military) to get a flu shot every year. We have 4 children. Every year I have sat by and watched my husband get horribly sick. Through each of my pregnancies they tried to force me to get a flu shot and I refused, I have NEVER and will NEVER get a flu vaccine. My children were told they had to have one last year or they could not attend school. I complied and the 2 who got the shots got very sick. Never again. After further research I found the proper channels that I needed to follow in order to get them into school without the required flu shot. It worked this year. I personally, though never having had the flu shot, have never had the flu to any degree of severity that I needed to see a doctor anyway… So personally having Wittnessed the effects first hand within my own family, I would never recommend or force these vaccines on anyone!

    • Karen Milton

      Anecdata. The very best in scientific research.

  • Kate

    It pisses me off to read this crap, misinterpreting science or making the science look “controversial.” And the rationalizations presented here that sound good to people who are aren’t well versed in this field. Grrr. Sick of this. You are putting other people at risk by not getting vaccinated. And the perception of people who “get the flu” from the vaccine is just ignorant. I’m not even going to get in the immunology behind this nor what side effects are or what they are from.

  • john

    I dont get the flu shot and I dont get the flu, go figure

    • James K. Nelson

      When you get influenza next years, will you change your mind?

      • Brion

        Are you kidding? You can still get the damn flu even with the vaccine you imbecile. Wow, you would believe your chit would smell like roses, if you ate roses right? I have never gotten the flu shot nor will I ever. Keep getting doped up people, that what the gov’t wants.

        • James K. Nelson

          yes, you *can* get it, but the shot will greatly reduce your chances. Once you get the flu, the real flu and not just some random little fever, you know you want the extra protection.

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  • Fc

    1) So they actually exposed them to the virus then? And by expose I mean really expose. Just being around someone with it does not mean it will be contracted for sure. Also realize there is such a thing as asymptomatic cases of the flu. And your gibberish about different strains is pretty dense to even use as evidence. It’s well known. This is why they in more recent times added “new warnings” to tylenol (despite it has been known for years and years that it is a dangerous drug).

    2) And the flu – being a respiratory virus – is also incredibly dangerous (most certainly to someone
    with respiratory disease, the elderly and other groups at high risk. I could easily be killed
    by the flu and even a cold but I don’t even create drama over it when I do get ill (unlike those who are at no risk who often act like its the end of their life).

    3) Or maybe they were already incubated? Ever think of that? (Especially for the next day or two). And as for a few weeks you should know that the vaccination takes some time to gain full effect. What is amusing (albeit in a scary way) about how you say it isn’t helpful or effective: the one time I did not have a vaccination (because of a major shortage) is the time I did get the flu (= a nice dose
    of a corticoid, a anticholinergic, an antibiotic [and yes it was a real bacterial infection too and if you don't understand how then it only further proves my point] and if it were earlier in my life I’d have been in the hospital as I was quite worse off those days) and that is only SOME of it. So much for
    your “evidence” there (shortly: it goes both ways. see later also).

    4) Duh. It’s also a dead strain. And as for your remarks about immunosuppresants: tell that to someone with an autoimmune disorder. Yes, Immunosuppressants actually have medical uses.

    Furthermore – as for mental health problems – the fact is there are multiple variables: upbringing and environment, genetics, etc. And to say mercury causes depression is quite simply remarkable. Being down, sad or just “feeling” depressed is very different from having depression. About as ignorant as people who think losing a loved one equates to depression (bereavement DOES NOT COUNT!).

    6) Among others: (shortly: it is not known what causes it).

    7) Yes and other drugs aren’t? Yet there’s many drugs that are both ‘dangerous’ and ‘life saving’ at the same time. As I wrote earlier not having the flu vaccine is dangerous for people at high risk. Here’s another example: you know that treatment called chemotherapy? Guess what?
    That itself can cause cancer. The same applies to radiation (used for treatment of cancer, also). The same applies to other kinds of drugs for different diseases.

    8) Ah yes, sort of like the idiotic patients who bug doctors to no end to give them antibiotics for VIRUSES. The fact that many doctors in this country are so stupid is not the fault of a drug! While the US prescribes antibiotics like candy (including stronger ones) other countries are far more restrictive. Unfortunately because of the US and a few other countries there are many superbugs.

    9) There is also evidence that the 1976 vaccine saved lives no matter what other problems it has. Again: all drugs have risks and things change over time too. Maybe you should look up how they treated cancer in the 1950s for one of many examples.

    10) As already mentioned: it’s a well known fact it isn’t every strain that is attacked. It’s also known that they try to make the best of it (each year, even). Medicine is not an exact science; never has been and never will be. Only someone who lives under a rock or is a scare-monger would suggest otherwise.

    Your claim (somewhere on this site, maybe this page even) that your immune system is dependant merely on nutrients is irresponsible. So you’re saying those with autoimmune disorders are ill because of nutrients? Tell that to someone with sle or any other deadly disease and see how far that gets you.

    Re: “Isn’t it interesting that the main stream public health officials never promote the various proven ways to avoid the flu other than through vaccination? ”

    I guess you don’t wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and any other number of things, right? Unfortunately it isn’t you who gets hurt; it’s the people who are at high risk that are. Even then, the above only helps. The fact is there is NO PROVEN WAY to “AVOID THE FLU”
    - not even the vaccination itself is a guarantee (and they say that much like they do with all other drugs).

    All drugs are risks. I wonder why that might be? Oh yeah, because it is a foreign object. Speaking of foreign objects – that is ANOTHER use of immunosuppressants (to help fight your body rejecting an organ implant, for example).

    • Hannah

      Thank you.

  • Tintin

    Being asthmatic my surgery allways try to get me to have the flu jab, they don’t like to take no for an answer. The times I have had it I allways end up with a bad case of flu shortly after. The first time I had the jab I ended up spending Christmas with the worst flu I’ve ever had.
    Anyway after reading the info on here today its confirmed to me to never have the flu jab again.
    Thanks for making us aware of this valuable information.

  • The Secret LOA

    Gullain Barre Syndrome (GBS) is a potential side effect of the flu shot. I have been recovering from GBS since January 2012 and still have months to go before I’ll be back to normal.

    When the subject comes up, I always warn people about the possible danger.

    NOT! worth it.

    • Terry

      Sorry to hear about that. Yes, GBS is a known side effect of the flu shot, but with a 1 in a million chance. You were just very unlucky.

      • Alaska Windsong

        I had GBS in 1981 and was a paraplegic for 3 months and even after finally walking again, have never fully recovered! The scary thing is, I was getting ready to take the flu shot afterwards in a clinic and the nurse handed me the info paper and said “Here, read this” and just when she was about to give me the shot, I read don’t take if you’ve had GBS!!!! If you’ve had GBS, BE INFORMED!!!

  • Holly Well

    A lot of incorrect information is in this article, be warned. I’m not a flu shot proponent, but do believe in facts. A lot of this is misinformation, pure and simple.

  • Terry

    In response to point 5, mercury in the flu shot:

    Yes, flu vaccines do contain an organomercurial preservative called Thimerosal. This, and other quack websites, love to scream about mercury in vaccines and how dangerous they are. There is a very good reason why these “horrible” preservatives are in vaccines – to make them safer. Without them there is a very good chance, especially in multidose vials of vaccine, of pathogens being introduced into the vaccines by accident and growing in them. So when you get your vaccine, you get a huge dose of, say, streptococcus straight into your body, which could kill you outright. The preservatives are in the vaccines to make sure this does not happen.

    The amount of Thimerosal in the vaccine is tiny – equating to about 1 microgramme per kilogramme of body weight. The body metabolises Thimerosal into a substance called ethylmercury. Not much research has been done on the toxicity of ethylmercury, but it is known to be much less toxic than another, related, compound called methylmercury. A lot of toxicity research has been done on methylmercury, and the dosage of Thimerosal is based upon this. The 1 microgramme/kg amount allowed in the vaccine is based upon research into the more toxic methylmercury.

    Many anti-vaxers like to scream about mercury in the vaccines given to children as part of the standard immunisation jabs. This is an outright lie nowadays. Since about 1999 ALL childhood vaccines have, by law, been mercury free.

    Finally, the stupid assertion in the above article that runny noses, fevers, etc. are caused by vaccines compromising the immune system is totally wrong. Symptoms are a sign that the immune system is WORKING. This is basic biology, known by 13 year olds in the UK.

    • Terry

      Oh, I forgot. Here’s a reference link to the above information:

    • Christopher L Banacka

      I knew it wasn’t bad to have a bit in there. But never knew WHY it was in there.
      Thanks for posting that info dude!

    • Julie eagle

      I agree, these stupid sights keep showing up more and more, talk to you Dr they know more then these so called healers!

      • Sue Seward

        And for the record all my MD’s did was give me more drugs! It was a holistic doctor, Chiropractor that FINALLY after 12 years of being seriously ill did food allergy testing to find out I was allergic to wheat and gluten and suggested I change my diet to gluten free. After this the debilitating migraines, joint pain, depression, memory loss all started decreasing and I weened off all the prescription medications I was on for these issues! So no Medical Doctors are not healers! They are drug pushers. That’s what they are trained for. It’s all about money.. big pharma.. need I go on?

  • Cassidy Swanson

    This is such utter crap, designed to scare people out of an effective way to prevent the flu. Listen to SCIENCE and DOCTORS, not these conspiracy theory crackpots.

  • Dale Everett

    How is this a conspiracy theory? Cassidy? I worked in a hospital the flu vaccine very ineffective . It got people more sick than I can describe. A few of us that refused did not get sick and were forced to wear masks .The the staff that got the flu vaccine were very sick worked around sick children with no mask. The video they force you to watch if you do not get the shot is very close to the Nazi brain washing propaganda vids . You have to see to believe.

    • Karen Milton

      There it is! It’s fun to guess how soon into the comment sections of articles regarding certain topics it will be before someone mentions Hitler or Nazis. FYI – the answer is never zero.

  • Anon Y. Mouse

    I don’t “buy” this. This is an op-ed blog, not a medical journal article. In the article, the author notes many references/studies; with the exception of the CDC, others are not named. The use of phrases such as “research shows” or “medical journals have published thousands of articles” is very evasive, bordering on stonewalling. There are no cites from independent medical journals nor conclusions from actual scientific studies or experiments. So, specifically, what was published? When? By whom? I’d like to draw my own conclusions by reading them. This opinion/editorial piece is conjecture only.

    • texasaggie

      It doesn’t even rise to the level of conjecture. It is pure and unadulterated trash wrapped up in a shiny ribbon.

    • Ori LegFav

      It’s ok. Completely disregard the sources, and the sources sources, which clearly link to peer review. :)


    Nice to know I have spent my professional life vaccinating children all for naught–in fact, to actually harm therm Why I have watched smallpox, measles, H.flu invasive disease, mumps, whooping cough, and a bunch of others virtually disappear or become far less prevalent. I no longer have to stand by the bed of a child dying of H. flu meningitiis in the middle of the night praying for a miracle. I have immunized my own children against iinfluenza every year as well as all of my patients who are intelligent enough to understand the awful risks that exist from influenza. Who knew I was controlling the pupulation? Who knew I was actually harming children? All those hindreds and hundreds of kids who lived to bring their own children to me clearly were terribly lucky the vaccines I gave didn’t do them terrible harm and cause their immune systems to “go down.”………….I guess I am a complete failure. I shall have to contact more sites like this to learn the real truth so that I can retire with some semblance of self esteem left after all the damage I have done……………………God Bless the First Amendment so we can enjoy the conspiracy nuts and the crackpots who spout their uninformed drivel. Science be damned. Controlled studies and peer review–nonsense! Sigh. It never stops. I’m glad to be retiring…….

    • Christopher L Banacka

      And you should keep getting the their shots, all this shit is just bull!

      Yeah, it has parts of the flu, yeah your kids may get slightly sick. But there is a reason why the death rate from flu in the world is MUCH smaller nowadays then it was 150 years ago!
      Cause of the FLU shot and not having your 6 month old dying from it!

    • Julie eagle

      Good for you there should be more Doctors out there like you :)

  • Harry Haller

    You glittering jewel of ignorance!

  • Daniel May

    Who is using scare tactics? This is what makes the Internet dangerous. Absolute mindless, reprehensible misinformation in its worst form. This site should be taken down.

  • Lori Harvey
  • Zane

    I’d like to point out that this article, which has it flaws, is only about the flu vaccine, not vaccines in general.

  • Simon Baxter

    It pays to be open-minded on just abouth everything these days… Find reputable web sites, weight up the facts and make your own decision. If even a quarter of the things mentioned above are true then I would be worried. The last thing you want to do is remain igrorant and accept things without question just because a doctor, a professional or your President/ Prime Minister/ world leaders told you so. Question everything you are told. Then you can make your own educated choice based on the bare facts. Once you do that your choice will be easy.

  • Omar Spence

    Which one is more worrying, the absence of any scientific sources for this article, or the fact that people arent aware that there needs to be?
    There seems to be a complete vaccum as it relates to what people consider valid. Many of these so called health sites rely on sources that draw from other sources that cherry pick points from studies that they like out of context and post it as legitimate information. Unfortunately, many people read this material from multiple, similar sites parroting the same thing occasionally reworded and act on it as if it were rock solid. The lack of scientific literacy is worrying. Just because someone gathered a bunch of stuff from nonscientific sources and mixed it in with some conspiracy theories to produce something different doesn’t mean it is factual.

  • jill

    Are you people that gullible? The flu vaccine is terrible I work in a medical office and the doctors giving the flu shots won’t even give it to their own kids. Same with the gardasil vaccine the doctors themselves talk about how dangerous it is.

  • Horrid Baby Names

    You couldn’t pay me enough to get one. Hospital I work at is forcing EVERY employee to get a shot or they won’t be able to work from November-April. They’re handing out ribbons to attach to our ID badges. I refused mine but managed to sweet talk someone out of a spare ribbon so it looks like I got a shot but didn’t.

    • Markovnikov

      So you put all those who are immuno-compromised in the hospital at risk by refusing this vaccination and turning yourself into a vector for the disease. Wow.

      • Horrid Baby Names

        Nope. I don’t. I don’t see patients.

  • texasaggie

    It’s tin foil hat time, folks. If there were ever a more misleading and ridiculous screed about vaccinations, I’ve yet to see it.

    1. That a particular vaccine doesn’t protect you against all diseases is no reason to avoid it. The strains that are in a flu vaccine are the one or ones that by far are the most likely to be around. Constant monitoring (CDC) is used to ensure that the vaccine strain and the circulating strain are the same.
    2. The “thousands of journal articles” are not mentioned for a reason. They aren’t nearly as horrible as the piece would have you believe.
    3. Having a runny nose after a flu vaccination most certainly is NOT a sign that your immune system has been lowered. It’s a sign that immunity is being developed. Think what an actual infection with a virulent virus does.
    4. There is a reason that sick people are not vaccinated. If you are not sick, then this scary part doesn’t apply. And ignore the part that the vaccine strains are nonpathogenic and don’t cause full fledged cases of flu.
    5. The mercury scare has been outdated for years. The dose that used to be in vaccines was about the same as in a can of tuna fish, and a lot less than in the merthiolate that used to be a standard antiseptic for cuts and scrapes.
    6. Introducing the flu virus into the bodies of the elderly certainly can have dangerous consequences. That’s why they are being vaccinated, to prevent those consequences. Duh!!!
    7. Nobody stands to make billions of dollars off of vaccines. That’s why the government has to twist arms to get anyone to produce them. They are not money makers.
    8. Using a vaccine doesn’t do anything to a virus. Using the antivirals like Tamiflu just gets you viruses that are resistant to Tamiflu. They are no more or less pathogenic than nonresistant viruses.
    9. Why do you have to go the whole way back to 1976 to find examples of nerve damage done by flu vaccines? We’ve been using flu vaccines for 40 years since then. If there were actually a danger, wouldn’t it have shown up more recently?
    10. if I could guess at the stock market with the same accuracy that the vaccine makers “guess” at the strains that are in circulation, I would be a millionaire several times over. Since they aren’t guessing, that leaves me out. What they are doing is the financial equivalent of insider trading, knowing what is happening as it happens instead of later.

    The parents of the ten kids in CA who died of whooping cough because idiots who take this vaccine scare seriously didn’t vaccinate their kids need to face negligent homicide charges. And the parents of the roughly 1,000 unvaccinated kids who got sick need to face child endangerment charges.

  • James K. Nelson

    God, what a load of crap. This person doesn’t even get the most basic of facts right, No, you cannot get the flu from vaccine. Period. Not even a little. No, there is NO demonstrated link, whatsoever, between flu shots and Alzheimers (although there IS demonstrated evidence of a link between flu shots and NOT DYING in the elderly…). This is irresponsible. Vaccines are, indeed, proven safe and effective which is easily verified if you actually look at good science instead of cherry picking isolated facts and hanging out at quack sites.

  • Sue Seward

    So many people have become like sheeple being led to the slaughter. Right now we have a choice in the USA and if we choose NOT to get a flu shot that’s our decision. From the looks of the way things are going in this country we may not have that choice soon.

    • James K. Nelson

      You what’s like being led to the slaughter – sometimes literally? NOT getting safe, effective protection against influenza. The “choice” to not get a flu shot is yours, but it’s a stupid, stupid choice.

  • virtualharassment

    fact this article starts with “The verdict is out on flu shots. Many
    medical experts now agree it is more important to protect yourself and
    your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself.” is sad. Literally
    every single person who works in a hospital is required to get an
    annual flu shot. If “many medical experts” said they weren’t important,
    they wouldn’t be forcing the staff to get them.

    “There is a total lack of real evidence that young children even
    benefit from flu shots.” False. Young children are the most susceptible
    to illnesses because their bodies have not created a healthy immune
    system yet. You’ll see this is the case in the fact that generally only
    children get chicken pox.

    “Medical journals have published thousands of articles revealing that
    injecting vaccines can actually lead to serious health problems
    including harmful immunological responses and a host of other
    infections. This further increases the body’s susceptibility to the
    diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against.” Unaccredited
    medical journals maybe. Anything that builds your immune system against
    infections will improve your body’s reaction to getting rid of that
    disease, not the opposite.

    “The flu vaccines actually do not immunize but sensitize the body
    against the virus.” Incorrect. An inoculation will sometimes yield a day
    or two of very very light symptoms, such as a runny nose, as the body
    believes it’s under attack. It turns on the mucus membranes into
    overdrive to build up mucus to prevent (what would otherwise be from a
    real virus) it from moving into the respiratory system. Not because it’s
    making you sensitive to the virus.

    “taking the flu shot will put your body in danger of getting the full
    effects of the flu and make you more susceptible to pneumonia and other
    contagious diseases.” Wrong; see the previous. If you’ve already got a
    weakened immune system, they generally do not give you the vaccine until
    you’re healthy just to be on the safe side… but your body would not
    be in danger of getting the full effects of the flu because there is no
    activated flu in the vaccination. As far as pneumonia, you generally
    have the flu prior to getting pneumonia… so I don’t know what kind of
    logic that is by the author.

    “The Flu vaccines contain mercury, a heavy metal known to be hazardous
    for human health.” Not anymore. They’ve begun to phase out
    thimerasol-based preservatives. There is no link between thimerasol and
    Autism either. There is more mercury in a can of tuna or a sushi platter
    than in a thimerasol vaccination. Also, the FluMist nasal dose has
    never contained mercury in any form.

    “There is mounting evidence that flu shots can cause Alzheimer’s
    disease.” More information shows it’s linked with old age. People have
    never lived as long as they do now, which explains why there are more
    cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Why do people live longer? Regular
    vaccinations and proper health care. HMMM. Occam’s Razor.

    ” The very people pushing these vaccines stand to make billions of
    dollars.” Again, I doubt a $4 flu shot is the substantial moneymaker of
    the industry- also, pharm companies make more money on the treatment.
    How much does a box of Advil Cold & Sinus cost? More than a $4 flu
    shot, that’s for sure.

    “Research shows that over-use of the flu-vaccine and drugs like Tamiflu
    and Relenza can actually alter flu viruses and cause them to mutate
    into a more deadly strain.” Suppresses viral replication. The influenza
    virus replicates with an RNA polymearse, not DNA. Therefore, the
    replication is not “proof read” which is the reason we have a new flu
    every few years. That’s how it mutates. Slowing down the replication
    process would actually decrease the chances of mutation, as it’s
    replicating less often. Think having a baby at age 30 versus at 20. Less
    replication, less spread. Completely different than bacteria-killing
    hand soap, in which then it’s Darwin’s Law at play.

    “There is enough evidence that shows that the ingredients present in
    the flu vaccinations can actually cause serious neurological disorders.”
    There’s a possibility of a very very low risk of developing a
    short-term or long-term problem such as neuropathy. There has not been
    an established link yet, as diseases such as Autism and neuropathy do
    not correspond directly to the number of flu shots given. Even if the
    link is true, your chances of getting struck by lightning are greater,
    as only a handful of people annually have side-effects like this. Your
    odds of getting the flu without the flu shot are substantially higher.

    “Trying to guess what strain to vaccinate against each season has
    proved to be no more effective than a guessing game.” Wrong again. We’re
    actually getting quite good at this, because of the ability to decode a
    genome. We can identify which genes are responsible for doing what in a
    virus or bacterium. We are learning more and more how to be effective
    each year by understanding the replication and mutation habits and more.
    A lot of the information we learned about viruses was during the Cold
    War when we weaponized them… but I digress.

    you won’t read it, and you’ll form your own opinion out of ignorance
    and misinformation. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, not getting the swine
    flu (or yellow fever or small pox or rubella or polio).

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