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Eating for Your Blood Type: O+ & O-


Food is a requirement as old as time. It is the reason why evolution took place and why there are so many living beings in the world today that are classified into categories as meat eating, fruit eating, plant eating, and, of course, those who eat a little of everything.

Over the years, it has been found that different types of blood groups have different acceptance levels with regard to the many different kinds of food in the world today.  Some food is good for us, while other foods are not easily digested by certain blood types. Your blood type is a likely reason why you can digest various types of food, while some types just don’t agree with you. There is a little skepticism to this theory, but on the whole, it is widely accepted that there is some meat to this matter. Blood types and food do go hand in hand.

Peter D’Adamo is a physician who specializes in naturopathy. According to him, blood type is what determines how and why people react to diets, supplements, medical treatments, and exercise in different ways. It’s a known fact that what works for one may not work for the other nine times out of ten.

Over the centuries, medical research has been looking for the “key that can unlock the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality, and emotional strength”, as quoted by Dr Peter D’Adamo. Dr D’Adamo and his extensive research into genetics, anthropology and medical history have led him to conclude that the individual’s blood type could be that key.


According to experts, blood type O is the oldest blood group in human history. It has been traced to as far back as Cro-Magnon man, and its evolution can be dated to approximately 40,000 BC.  It is also believed that the maximum number of people in the world today have Type O blood.

People with O type blood have the hardiest digestive systems. Of course, it also depends on individual disposition and circumstance, but at a general level, they have hardy systems. These are considered good for digesting meat, poultry, and fish. One reason for this type of diet could be that in early times, edible plants were yet to be discovered, and meat and fish were the easiest game to hunt and eat.  The blood type diet is common to both rhesus negative and positive groups.

Eat Hearty, but Eat Healthy

Given this history, people with O blood group need animal protein to maintain good health, along with vegetables and fruits. However, the emphasis is on animal protein. Seafood and sea kelp is a good source of iodine which is a very essential requirement for O type people as these people tend to suffer  from a sluggish metabolism and low thyroid. A diet well supplemented with iodine rich foods are good for them.

Type O’s should clear their kitchen of anything that contains:

  • white or wheat flour
  • corn starch
  • partially-hydrogenated oil
  • coffee
  • coconut
  • dairy
  • ham, pork and bacon
  • vegetables soaked in vinegar e.g. pickles
  • Legumes, beans, and grains
  • Avocados
  • Brazil nuts
  • Oranges

Blood type O folks have stomachs that favor the production of hydrochloric acid in excess. It is this factor that makes their digestive systems fit for digesting so much animal protein. An excess of hydrochloric acid means people with O blood type must avoid coffee, as the combination will give them peptic ulcers. Green tea is far more beneficial.

O blood type people benefit from exercise – lots of it. Aerobics, jogging, power walking, and weight training is best for them. The more they work out, the better they will be health wise. Get moving, burn the fat, and sweat it out and get rid of stress and depression while you are at it too.

O Blood type vegetarians

Not everyone is a meat eater. Today a lot of people opt for vegetarian food for a myriad reasons like a religious requirement or some digestive issues or then those who simply cannot handle meat.

Some foods that vegetarians can eat safely are:

  • Figs
  • Walnuts
  • Spelt flour, Ezekiel bread (from sprouted grains),
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Rice, millet and quinoa
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Ginger tea
  • Dandelion tea
  • Sparkling water
  • Seaweed
  • Rice crackers
  • Rice noodles
  • Berries
  • Stone fruits and seeded fruits like apples and pears.
  • But even if you are a vegetarian there are plenty of sources of protein for you which are beneficial given your blood type. Some protein rich foods that they can eat safely are:

    • Low fat yogurt
    • Peanut butter
    • Broccoli
    • Almonds
    • Peanuts
    • Cashews
    • Cheese – farmer, feta, goat and mozzarella
    • Rice, sesame, almond oat etc

    Diet suggestion for O blood type people

    There are a lot of views, thoughts and opinions on what is good for blood Type O and what is not. At the end of the day you have to decide what suits you and in what quantity. It’s possible that the item may be in the “okay to eat but…” list of food for O blood types BUT if it suits your individual health related issues then go for it.

    The O blood type person can supplement the diet with lots of exercise and a sensible eating plan that will give him/her the required health strength and energy.

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  • Nancy Sue Frazier

    Thank you! Your webpages are the Bomb! And I mean that in a good way. Yeah baby you dropped the best information on us for all to see. You are the ones who will save this planet. *S* Keep the Good News coming! Kudos to you all of this website. With Warm Regards, Nancy Sue Frazier. PS You are the answer to prayer, Amen


    A very informative article. Well done. Keep it up.

  • san san ohn

    Thank you for your webpages and they are very useful for me.This page let me know about the O type blood of positive and negative.I am so interest about them.I always like to eat the tender and good digest foods.Morning i like to eat cereal and milk for good digest.

  • Insurance

    What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just state so many things that come from nowhere that Im pretty sure Id have a fair shot. Your blog is great visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed with your generic figuring of this topic.

  • Anon

    This bloodtype diet is a load of rubbish.

    I’m an o neg and eat avocados every single day. I don’t eat any meat or animal products and have never been healthier.

    I consume loads of nuts and legumes as well.

    There are not many people who agree with this theory.

    It’s more accurate to go by eye colour than it is blood type

    • JR

      I agree. I rarely eat meat, especially red meat, and eat a lot of dairy myself (along with fruits & veggies of course). It sits well on my stomach and my body feels good with the way I eat. If I had to eliminate dairy from my diet I would be missing out on a big chunk of protein in my diet.
      I think sure this diet may accidentally work for some people, but it’s really very silly. There is so much more that goes into what’s right for each person than just their blood type. You can’t put people into a box, it just doesn’t work!

    • Tony

      Like all ‘diets’ some work better than others for some people. I am a Type 1 diabetic with type O blood. I followed this plan and it worked wonders for me. No more heart burn. Off medication for 3yrs. No more insulin. That’s right!! I’ve been off insulin for 3yrs as well. This diet took 3mths to work for me. My HbA1c is 5.1 better than most ‘healthy’ people.

  • Women

    I am writing a report on this subject and your post is very helpful and informative. Thank you


  • Clara

    I saw earlier in this info. 5 foods that you should never ear if you are type o and it didn’t say which foods these were, but it showed a banana. I am type o and I eat a banana every day and I am wondering if this is not good for me. I do have a lot of digestion problems and I am over weight now for the first time in my 74 years. Could you please respond to this question ?

    Thank you

    • nakivona

      You so old mam

  • unsodedok

    die sehr lustigen Informationen

  • unsodedok

    Mi dispiace, ma, a mio parere, si sono errati. Scrivere a me in PM.

  • Claud

    Great post. i have enjoyed the reading your blog and i will come back again for sure.

  • Adrian Edem

    I am an “O” blood type but never new anything concerning the appropriate diet for me. So greatful-good job done

  • Sima S

    Thank you for all the information you provaded to me and it was very usefull and helpfull for me.

  • smawia

    thnx for all the information

  • soknoni

    Good day I am so excited I found your blog page, I really found you by accident, while I was searching on Yahoo for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the awesome job.

  • cyrus

    i am an O negative, this article is 100% right . thank you very much for all informations

  • Sophia Bullard

    Hello and thank you for this information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY HELPFULL!

  • daddy

    Thank you so much for helping us to find out what we have to eat for our type of blood awsome.

  • Kate

    Waaaaait a minute! You said,

    “But even if you are a vegetarian there are plenty of sources of protein for you which are beneficial given your blood type. Some protein rich foods that they can eat safely are:

    Low fat yogurt
    Peanut butter”

    I was very disheartened when I first learned that yogurt and peanut butter were off limits for me, as I’m an O positive. I love and miss them both. Why are you giving people disinformation?

  • Kiran Thakker

    Great info which I wanted,keep it on, and give me some info on health benefits of Tamarind.

  • Irma Hefer

    Very informative, happy to know what to eat and what to avoid!

  • Alexandra

    I am a 0 type and I agree completely. 2 years ago I gave up coffee cause I just felt like it, not knowing coffee isn’t healthy for me in the first place. I tried a vegetarian diet long ago and it was pretty terrible, both physically and psychically. I am at my best when I eat right.

  • Paolo Marcel
  • Sintayehu Bogale

    My blood type is o positive what should I eat and when?

  • Norm

    I am an o + and now eat all the white meats pork,chicken,fish and cut out the dairy and vegetarian food only and have never felt better.i don’t feel as tied anymore and have the strength to do the long walk and biking something that I had ceased when I listened to a Natropath and dropped the white meat intake .
    This advice is rubbish ,everything in moderation and balance is what a good doctor wil tell you regardless of any blood group.

  • Monaliza

    thanks for the article, and i agree with it.
    i used to eat a lot lot of oranges, and always having difficulties in digestion. until i found out that this is the oranges and i stopped them, i also stopped coffee, and its working fine for me.

  • Paul-M.O

    Nice and informative article, keep up the good work and God will surely see you through. Thanks!

  • Gaone Jack Siamisang (South Africa)

    Ke utlwa seo lese buang ka O+ blood group, I’m also O+ and I believe the information you provided with.

    Please! Inform us of the deseases that can infect us and those that can not.

    Diet as well pls.

  • Gaone Jack Siamisang (South Africa)

    I analysed your info about O+ and O-. There is a lot of contradiction, you are not saying one concrete fact.

    I has been said that O+ can ONLY receive blood from O+, BUT it had been said that O- is universal, then why O+ can’t receive blood from O-?

    It had been contended further that O+ can donate to everybody, and there comes an inconsistency that O+ can only donate to A+,B+, which one should we believe?

    Why can’t O- receive blood from O+?

    I stand to differ with incosistencies which is submitted.

    We all know that Positive is better/stronger than Negative.

    We know that they ONLY differ when it comes to confirming infections which are diseases.

    O+ people can not be infected in totality no matter the diseases is, O- people, they can be infected BUT the diseases cannot grow.

    Then the question is, why do you say O- is unversal when it can be infected?

    I advice you to re-check what you wrote, give us one concrete information without contradiction.

    Opionions or assumptions never succeded.

    We all know that there was also a sick results that lacked from common sence That on 21 December 2012 there will be the end of the world.

    Be sure of your findings on O+ and O- because we will end up not taking you to our senses, we read differently, there are those who did not see the contradictions, BUt I did and trust that other Genius will.

    When it comes to died, I stand to deffer as well. Re-search well for your diet.

    Before you publish your information on your re-search, you must be sure of O+ and O- and stop contradictions.

    • KF

      Wtf. You just completely contradicted yourself there…

  • ssekaziga uganda

    I have learnt more. Thanks.

  • fedrica

    Enter your text here Do I have to eat mazie meal or beard as a blood type o

  • Brandon

    In response to Gaone Jack Siamisang (South Africa)

    The “+” and “-” indicated the prescence or abscene of D or Rh antigen respectively. A person that lacks the D antigen(O-) can receive O+ blood if they haven’t been exposed to the D antigen. Most people are O+. So O negative can be considered the true universal donor. It can be given to anyone without the formation of ABO/D antibodies. There are many other red cell antigens to consider when transfusing blood. ABO/D antibodies are the usual suspects.

    Just to note about Type O being the oldest. That title actually belongs to type A. The O phenotype is really the result of a nonfunctional transferase that is used in attaching the specific sugars for Type A and B on the surface of the red blood cell. Nonfunctional genes do not become functional over the course of evolution. Evolution would not permit the formation of a gene it does not use. It always happens the other way.

  • Patricia Mabe

    I am glad because the food that I used to like are compatible to my blood type

  • bezawit mekonnen

    Enter your text here

  • nakivona

    thank for article
    is very helpuf, for me and my familar

  • nakivona

    I am glad to hear that , but also Iam in group O

  • Ekowati

    Interesting, and quite useless. Studies has shown that everything taken in moderation and sensibly is much more healthier that only eating certain foods. Couple that with a good exercise routine and you are set for life. Further more Where do get off telling people they can only eat dairy if they are vegetarians….? Also meat eating O positive people are not allowed to eat Brazil nuts but vegetarian can happily eat cashew and peanuts. Nuts are nuts you are either allergic to them or not. By the way eating too much nuts will increase the risk of Uric Acid, irrespective of what blood type you are.

    • CatnipsLazyDaze

      Sorry, but your comment *nuts are nuts you either are allergic to them or not* is so incorrect. Do your research before you comment. I am allergic to peanuts but not tree nuts. Also you can drink dairy if you are a vegetarian. You can not drink dairy if you are vegan. SMH…

    • Wendy’s Nook

      Moderation is bull if you have food sensitive issues. You obviously do not and the issue is… we all have food sensitive issues but something at sometime draws out these sensitive issues when our immune system is compromise. So you obviously are lucky and have no auto immune issues. I am personally thankful for the research on blood type diet and is beneficial to me.

  • Abdullah Ahmed Maniyar

    Enter your text here

  • Kathryn

    I had gallbladder issues and almost died. I had been seeing a colon therapist who had told me about the O blood type diet and food combining many years before the gallbladder issue surfaced. I saw an acupuncturist who immediately put me on this O type program and I never felt better. I lost about 40 lbs in three months and my joints improved and also my energy. I recently started the food combining program with the O blood type program and lost 20 lbs. effortlessly. Have now stopped Ambien after fifteen years! Giving up the dairy has been vital. Still drink one cup of coffee with caffeine and raw sugar! One day at a time….My fibromyalgia has also improved. Also started meditation program.

  • Nitusiima Doreen

    I had never had about this in my life! so happy to learn about blood group O.


    I have known more more a bout my blood group

  • priscilla twumasi

    personalities of o+ blood

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