Eating for Your Blood Type: A+ & A-

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All of us are individuals in our own right. Every individual’s genetic make-up is unique, but at the same time, there is a common thread between people.

This common thread is the blood group. It is through this blood type that every individual shares something in common with their ancestors of yore, and the same characteristics that make up a particular blood group have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Given this background of genetic heritage, differences have been seen in people with different blood types. O type people have different characteristics than A type folks and vice versa.

In this article, we will talk about blood group A and the best diet for this group.

A brief history of type A

Type O people are the meat eaters of the human race. One reason for this was that Cro-Magnon man had little or no knowledge and access to fruits and vegetables. Over time, however, humans made their way out in search of food and migrated to Asia and Europe. Livestock and grain cultivation found its place in the food chain, and people could now let go of their nomadic ways and settle down in one place.

Food now took on very distinct identity in the form of carbohydrates.  Genetic alteration took place so that the nutrients could be better absorbed and so, blood type A was born. The biological changes that took place then can be seen in the 21st century too.

Dietary habits for blood type A

Blood type A has low levels of hydrochloric acid and alkaline phosphatase but high levels of a digestive enzyme called intestinal disaccharide, which means animal protein is not easily digested, but carbohydrates are. This also indicates that type A best suits a vegetarian diet. Food eaten must be pure, organic, and as fresh as possible.

Meat eating type A’s should eliminate the more toxic foods from their diet. A good diet will ensure that your immune system gets plenty of charge to fight for itself. By nature, Type A people have sensitive immune systems.

Stress is very typical for blood type A. They have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which makes them react to stressful situations. Symptoms that could occur due to stress are disturbed sleep patterns and brain fog during the day. To ensure the cortisol levels are under control, do the following:

  • Limit sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals

Blood type A people should also ensure that they limit exposure to:

  • Crowds
  • Loud noise
  • Negative emotions
  • Smoking
  • Strong smells or perfumes
  • Overwork
  • Violent movies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Extreme weather conditions (hot or cold)

Foods that blood type A should eat are:


  • Alfalfa Sprouts, Artichoke (Domestic, Jerusalem),Beet Leaves, Broccoli
  • Carrots, Chicory, Collard Greens, Dandelion, Escarole, Garlic, Horseradish
  • Kale, Kohlrabi, Leek, Lettuce (Romaine), Okra, Onions (Red, Spanish, Yellow)
  • Parsley, Parsnips, Pumpkin, Spinach, Swiss chard and Turnips

Vegetable oils

Deep ocean seafood

  • Carp, Cod, Grouper, Mackerel, Monkfish, Pickerel
  • Red Snapper, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Sardine, Sea Trout
  • Silver Perch, Snail, Whitefish Yellow Perch

Legumes (beans and peas)

  • Aduke, Azuki, Black, Green, Pinto beans
  • Lentil Beans, Black eyed peas


  • Artichoke Pasta, Buckwheat Kasha, Soba Noodles
  • Oat, Rice and Rye flours

Nuts and seeds

  • Pumpkin seeds and peanuts


  • Apricots, Berries (Black, Blue, Boysen, Cran, Cherries), Figs (Dried or Fresh)
  • Grapefruit, Lemons, Pineapple, Prunes, Raisins


  • Amaranth, Buckwheat and Kasha

Breads, muffins, and crackers

  • Essene Bread, Ezekiel Bread
  • Manna Bread Rice Cakes


  • Apricot, Black Cherry, Grapefruit
  • Pineapple, Prune, Carrot, Celery


  • Barley Malt, Blackstrap Molasses, Garlic, Ginger
  • Miso, Soy Sauce Tamari


  • Mustard

Herbal Teas

  • Alfalfa, Aloe, Burdock, Chamomile, Echinacea, Fenugreek
  • Ginger, Ginseng, Green Tea, Hawthorne, Milk Thistle
  • Rose Hips, St. John’s Wort, Slippery Elm, Valerian

Miscellaneous Beverages

  • Coffee (Water Decaf, Regular)
  • Green Tea and Red Wine

Blood type A should try and avoid the following, because these are the foods that will upset their digestive system and cause upsets:

  • Strong red meats
  • Crustaceans
  • Dairy products and eggs
  • Wheat products
  • Vegetables like: Cabbage (Chinese, Red, White), Eggplant
  • Lima Beans, Kidney Beans, Mushrooms (Domestic, Shiitake), Olives (Black, Greek, Spanish)
  • Peppers (Green, Jalapeno, Red, Yellow), Potatoes (Red, Sweet, White), Tomatoes and Yams

Also try to limit your intake of these foods:


  • Banana, Cantaloupe, Coconut, Honeydew
  • Mango, Orange, Papaya, Plantain, Rhubarb, and Tangerine

Fats and Oils

  • Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil
  • Peanut Oil, Safflower Oil and Sesame Oil

Nuts and Seeds

  • Brazil, Cashew and Pistachios

Beans and Legumes

  • Copper, Garbanzo, Kidney, Lima, Navy, Red and Tamarind Beans

Other beverages

  • Beer, Liquor, Seltzer Water
  • Soda (Club, Cola, Diet, etc.)

Eating for Your Blood Type: A+ & A
Eating for Your Blood Type: A+ & A


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Eating for Your Blood Type: A+ & A
Eating for Your Blood Type: A+ & A

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  • tanya

    i thought that cabbage was quite good for people with sensitive digestion as it contains glutamine – an amino acid that increases blow flow to the stomach, which in turn helps stabilize the stomach for digestion.
    However above states that cabbage is bad for type A.
    Does anyone know the reason for this?
    I am about to go on a raw cabbage juice 2-day bender!


    • Luis Meléndez

      These are but studies and information that has been compiled about what generally affects different blood types one way or another. Noting that each and every individual, generally speaking, has a unique set or combination of conditions under which their health is most optimal and vibrant at, and that some others can closely, very few perfectly, match, we have to through trial and error find our own optimal and vibrant levels. Looking at the list provided above I can clearly disagree with many of the offered findings. This is because my own individual optimal and vibrant levels clearly differ from those noted above. We allow expert strangers to experiment on us. Why not become acquainted with ourselves and get to know your own individual optimal and vibrant levels. Its fun, and more, its healthy. I do recommend the assistance of one of these expert strangers as they can help you identify your optimal and vibrant levels with your valuable input. Love, Peace

      God bless

      • Luis Meléndez


        By expert strangers I meant physicians and such. Love, Peace

        God bless

      • P. Piaz

        You are absolutely right.. I am A type and I have found this to be so true. No one size fits all.
        You must be in tuned with your own body. I use The A type diet as a guide line. I am sensitive to wheat so I can not eat Ezekiel bread like the guide line suggests or anything else with wheat in it.
        I can eat sweet potatoes but can not touch white potatoes or other nightshade plants at all for an example.
        So take the time to see what is right for you. You know your body the best. Take care of your
        …’s the one you’ve got to live with the rest of your life

    • auricchm

      Cabbage is bad b/c it is a nightshade. Type A’s do poorly wtth the nightshade family like cabbage, peppers, mushrooms, eggplant. I am allergic to all three and I am type A.

      • a botanist

        cabbage is in the cruciferi family not the nightshde. and mushrooms aren`t even a vegetable so they are deffinately not in the nightshade family. however tomatoes are. which goes with the nightshade family is bad for us…. :(

        • an italian-american

          Go without tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers? I’d give up chocolate first. I don’t believe these cause bad health for me, personally. I’m type A positive and of italian heritage.

          • Sandra

            Hi italian-american:
            I’m glad you mentioned this. I believe regardless of blood type, your heritage also plays a part. Your system has obviously evolved/compensated for nightshade foods. Although i can’t believe you don’t suffer even a little. I, as a Puerto RIcan, have no trouble with natural coconut, ripe mangoes, ripe plantain, ripe bananas, or yams (notice, i specified ‘ripe’, i think this is key as well as preparation). Re nightshades, those suffering from arthrytic pain may want to avoid them all together.

      • josh

        a- and none of these things bother me, im quite healthy and happy. also has a story about this, they however end it by saying that all of the claims are scientifically unsubstantiated. its another dr. oz bs diet scam.

        • RNSomes

          If none of these things bother you then by all means eat them; however eating for your blood type has been around far longer than Dr Oz. As a person with a gluten intolerance and auto immune thyroiditis I can say from personal experience what you put in your gut has a direct correlation to your health.

      • nick

        old post, but what the heck lol…I’m A+ and have zero digestive problems with ANYTHING on the do not eat list….meat, cabbage, wheat, dairy I can devour it like a beast and feel great..

    • Joanna

      The cabbage juice is ok, its the veg in it’s normal state that should be avoided.

    • Mark

      I would also have to agree with Luis. As I read through the list of “bad” food items for people with blood type “A”, I found that most of them I have consumed throughout my life in large quantities and represent some of my favorite foods, including lots of red meat (beef, lamb and goat), as well as crustaceans…love shrimp and lobster! Dairy products are something I almost crave, especially milk and cheese so, I’ve always felt it was my body telling me that I required dairy products. I am also athletic which, I feel also allows me to enjoy lots of these foods and provides my body with what it needs.

      Anyway, I find dieting by blood groups to be interesting but in general feel that all people should focus on a balanced diet that includes small quantities of meat, lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, nuts, beans, etc. Most important, eliminate processed food, including sodas, as much as possible from your diet. Finally, find, healthy foods you like to eat and enjoy.



  • Jami Lynn

    Have you already, or will you talk about type O’s? I am an O blood type and feel so much better eating meat …..and it’s so looked down upon amongst “spiritual” people and such ….have people forgotten that life was sustained by eating animals in many cultures?

    • Buzz Team

      Hi Jami Lynn.

      Yes, we discussed it last week.

      Here’s the link:

      Just copy and paste it in your browser.

    • cayala

      I am so jealous of Type O’s. Many times I have looked longingly at my friends who can eat a hamburger or steak, remembering the good old days of not knowing my blood type. But… I am a type A. I say embrase this precious gift…..Type O….and eat to your hearts content!

  • Colleen

    So what about the B type blood people???

    • Buzz Team

      Hi Colleen.

      We will be talking about B type diet next week.

      Stay tuned

  • Lois Kubota

    Jamie Lynn, after reading this information and getting the book “Eating Right for your blood type” i know not to be down on meat eaters anymore. Knowledge is enlightening.

  • Kadee

    Are there differences with those who are rh-?


  • Ilana

    What if you’re AB+.
    Can you eat (and/or avoid) the list for both?
    How does that work?

    • Buzz Team

      Hi Ilana.

      We will be talking about AB group in two weeks. Next week is group B, and after that AB.

      Thank you

  • Lorna Willock

    Good to read about the foods that suit my blood type.It is interesting that a lot of the foods it lists as not good for as A- do not suit me (tend to bother my joints) are the same ones as documented on the list. I have given up nightshade, olives, etc – such a shame as I really love olives, but not reciprocated! I will try to follow the diet more thoroghly and see if it makes me feel more energised.

    • deenie

      I am A+ and I seem to get along with olives of all types. But wrt crustaceans I get seriously upset and will upchuck the meal at two hours after eating them. I was raised on meat, ice cream, potatoes and suffered from it. I thought there was something wrong with me and suffered panic attacks. Nowadays I do eat raw free range pasture eggs and raw goat milk with no ill effects. I do prefer veggie smoothies with some protein powder and thrive on it. I would say that one can’t but benefit from the list above, but there are exceptions based on your own uniqueness.

      • kim

        I am also type A+… Wow I can’t believe that someone else also experiences the same issue with crustaceans as I do… I thought it was strange…exactly 2 hrs after eating I also upchuck :( I guess there is something to be said for this blood type thing! I am also suffer from eating eggs and wheat bread. However, I must admit I love meat and tomatoes and eat them without any problems at all!

  • Anonymous

    As to the condition and health statis of the present population,I belive in the Bible record as the only reliable information availale, involving the existence of the human race today. Mankind started at a very high level of existence at their creation by a intelligent creator God and not by evelution. They started at a very high level of existence and by rejecting the law of a loving creator God, have deteriated down to todays deplorable conition of beings. They are meat eaters or vegetarians by choice and not inheritence, just the same as as Gays and Lesbians are so by choice and not inheritence. I believe this blood typing,for diet is nonsence.

    Percy -

    • deenie

      You’re entitled to believe whatever. I think you’re way off base wrt science and of your belief that being gay is a choice. You are spewing nonsense, the type that divides and creates hatreds. I pray that you discover that all is good and that everyone is divine, you too, regardless of their sexuality, color, culture, income, IQ, religion, etc. Spread love, not fear. Be love.

    • agnostic about it

      Pfft! Please! Evolution is Darwinian science, if you’re not an evolutionist believer you’re not the cure pro nature. It’s absolutely necessary that we don’t believe blindly, we believe based on fact or fantasies (depends if you like fantasy), :/ , don’t be let down by the Darwinians, I’m saying you’re wrong. Evolution is science, do you want to believe in something based on non-scientific fantasies, or scientific fact? Don’t be a rebel against science, the evolutionists aren’t your enemy.

      • Peggy

        Evolution is fantasy- not fact!

    • katrina

      i see why your post is anonymous, your views are one sided and i believe everyone is entitled to live a life without judgement or fear of persecution. views like yours breed hatred and ignorance. As the planet changes and we terraform it there will be consequences such as eco-systems changing and being wiped out which will ultimately effect human food choice, as we are hunter gatherers human will survive on what ever is available, except for you – if there was no vegetation left as the animals ate it all then it would stand to reason that we should eat the remaining animals to survive. everyone is unique and must eat what is best for them and this is a process of trial and error. being spiritual is one thing, but if a person needs meat to be healthy and vibrant – then the human instinct to survive will be dominant – this does not mean they are sinners, it means they are survivers – you on the other hand wouldnt – and that would be your choice, just dont force your beliefs on others – have respect for everyones beliefs and opinions and choice.

    • NobleKnight

      Oh Anonymous. If only you could spell, I might take you seriously. We all have the right to believe what we believe – as for choosing to be gay or lesbian…well if we could choose, I think most of us would choose to be straight – it’s easier, people don’t hate you, you can procreate without having to pay gobs for a surrogate and for many other reasons. Our beloved creator creates everyone for Its own purpose and by you sitting there judging anyone as wrong or bad, you are judging “Him” as making mistakes. Deep down we all know Source doesn’t make mistakes. It is pure love, and loves all of Its creations (including the ignorant). Cheers!!

    • leanbean

      umm yes its already being looked in to and has been known for years. alian inteligance came down and interbred with mankind helping us jump evelution. all these religious stories we merly there interpritation of what people could presive alian technology as it was unknown to them.there was the golden years where man walked with the alians, this was the years of hi conciousness, but since then religion,politics,elites,money,material goods, have disconnected us with are higher selves.we all have genetics that dont apear from this planet atall!! people suggest that when you have a – negetive blood type that actualy is apart alian gene cause theres no explenation to how it apeard on are planet. and yes it is out of choice because you choose it doesnt meen its good for you,you could choose to drink petrol if you wanted to.
      are genetics are verry messed up and interbred so knowing who we are and the foods we eat is what makes us live longer, knowing are ancestors helps us as we have apart of them i all of us. aswell as this alian genetics, this alian genetics is what makes us spiritual,what makes us wonder what else there is, and makes us look to the stars.what makes conscousness. so live life and love, doing good things is healthier for the soul than healthy eating. and you should learn by know in this day and age we need to look at science aswell as philosophy and stop seperating the two.

    • Robin

      I do believe you need to acquire some new concepts…. one very important one is that due to sin we are all broken …. even down to our DNA and hence XXY gender (kleinfelters I think) expressions do exist also called mosaics …so no not all homosexuals are by choice. Yes, I agree that evolution is bunk as a you could not evolve a kidney let alone the whole human body, mind and soul. that does not mean micro evolutionary advantages such as skin colour is not likely. Our creator thought us into existence (quantum stuff).. I believe we are all the virtues when at our best and that disease is an outward expression of our “heart or spiritual issue corruption” . I believe wrong picture memories get stored and thus lower frequencies than LOVE create disease via E = m c squared and quantum rules. For example Jesus simply said to the asking criplle…”get up as I have forgiven your sins”. We are all the virtues at our best so accept no lies from the the liar and thief called the devil who wants to destroy us and our relationship with our heavenly father. Read “The Healing Codes” by Dr. Alex lloyd. Also read your Bible. We are the observer that notices the noticer. Heart in Hebrew means “Image Maker”. If you have a choice between being right and being kind choose kind and remeber even gays are equal as God is no respecter of persons. Gay is like that persons brokenness and we all fall short of the glory of God so judge not lest ye be judged. Thank God for his Son and Grace, Amen!!

  • Richard Schwartz

    The blood type connections to the type of diets we should have has been discredited. I am O- and should be a big meat eater according to the theory, but I am president of Jewish Vegetarians of North America ( and am thankfully very healthy at 76 years of age on a vegan diet.

    It is essential that there be a major shift to well-balanced vegan diets, because many studies indicate that animal-based agriculture is a major contributor to cllimate change which threatens all of humanity.

    • patricia

      Richard I too am an O- and I follow the blood type diet but I rarely eat meat or poultry. Generally as an O I do best on a lower carb diet. ( Carbs make me too tired.) Every time I go off the diet for 3 days in a row (ie wheat for 3 days-even a small amount) I am quickly reminded why I stay on the diet.

    • DW

      i agree that big business farming,feedlots are very dangerous to everyone.But,when people work with nature as we and others like us do,we do no harm.One needs to be chemically free,and no, I don’t mean organic as it stands in the US and other countries adopting the new organic government standards allowing chemicals to be used.Our animals have free range allowing them to eat naturally.We use animal waste and chemically free grass clippings on our garden and hay.We allow our ponies to eat most of our lawn,while mowing it to keep it even.We even allow spots of Milkweed to grow for the butterflies and bees,and let me tell you,we have lots of both,and even fireflies.I also agree,we need to find what suits us best,as we are all different.Another problem we have is all the chemicals people use on their lawns and gardens.Farmers have to keep very good records of the chemicals they buy,but home owners can pour as chemicals as they want

  • Richard Schwartz

    For just one analysis discrediting the blood-type diet theory, please visit:

  • Sheron

    Your list is helpful but not completely accurate. Generalizations are sometimes detrimental. First of all, there is a secondary bloodtype that people have which strongly influences their food proclivities, secondly, not mentioned, condition, not just constitution is a big factor (ie if someone and most do nowadays) have candida, they should NOT consume molasses or maple syrup or barley malt. Oats are not gluten-free and should be limited. etc.

    I personally disagree with dismissing eggs. And not including the necessity for taking sublingual B12 with the diet above is a dismay.

    There is much truth in what you wrote and it is appreciated, but it is a generalization and sometimes, with someone who will follow it wholeheartedly without additional information, can do harm.

  • patricia

    Not sure if everything agrees but this sounds like the work by Peter D’adamo (Eat Right 4 Your Type) which I think makes a lot of sense and I follow. Also work by Robert Young (The PH Miracle) is part of the puzzle. I’m 63 and I do a handstand and full pushups each morning and kick boxing twice a week. I credit these two books and some other stuff with my success. Finding people who are actively challenging our life expectancy is really difficult. Hope they are out there…

  • june

    I agree somewhat with Percy. As humans we were designed to eat fruits and vegtables and live Forever without any of the health problems we have today but due to our forefather and mother Adam and Eve’s disobeying God and listening instead to the lies told by Satan we now have the problems we have today. No matter what we eat or drink sooner or later we will All succumb to death because of that first sin.

    • agnostic about it

      I agree to someone else who replied to Percy, i.e. that s/he is spreading hatred, and I’m against the whole childish nonsense about “creation”, the only hatred necessary is Christian philosophy (antinomianism), it’s a necessary evil (not really evil if you think about it), and I say this because s/he’s a rebel, rebels against science, and rebels simply because the nice things that could’ve been believed today didn’t work when Jesus tried them. It’s not Christian beliefs that are the problem, Christianity as a whole is the major problem, I’m an agnostic and I think we cannot know for sure even through science whether it’s evolution or “creation”. I’m against anti-Satanists generally, a Satanist will talk innocent, and will use metaphysics and rationalism, without origin of earth put into it, it’s unknowable to a Satanist, Satan is a punisher, he’s not a bad person, I’ve seen Satan, red beast with horns, He symbolises the love of the rich, the manly, and the eating of meat, he’s trying to make us stop hating and stop acting like wimps.

  • Qfd

    Eating by your blood group has no more validity then eating for your front door colour. This is just a way of selling books to the gullible.

    • sue


  • agnostic about it

    I’m completely ignorant about my blood type. I need to get fatter (I do this by eating nothing but beef and junk food, sugar, salt and fat), no offence! (none taken, says the vegie). Vegetarianism is half pessimistic, I’ll think about it but I’m as ignorant as a pond about how to be a vegie. I tried it before, the vegetarianism, I couldn’t get it up from the bed :D. I was incredibly shiny, no doubt, and ain’t it the truth! I would like to be a vegan if a vegetarian, I don’t know how to sustain my life on it, however, I want to return, vegie-wise, to the fairy world, the fantasy of strange colours, etc etc. Let’s be realistic, vegetarianism is a fantasy world, me being the witness of fantasies, it would be an honour to be a vegan and stretch my fantasy to a nice place, so if you want to think it’s true, I will do what I don’t believe, because I’m happy without reality, so I want to be a vegetarian on wine, and care for the bullshit.

  • agnostic about it

    I don’t know about vegebullshitism, but I like beef, I love junk food, and it has to be bread, meat, wheat etc, filled with fat, sugar, salt, carbohydrates, honey (honey’s not good for you), eggs for cholesterol, tobacco, etc, so as to put on weight, food for my blood type is beef for iron, bread, eggs, for protein and fibre, and it must be white bread, rolled oats, white rice, brown sugar, no cheese, plenty of wine, bacon, hamburgers, hotdogs, sauce and no vegetables, I’m dangerously underweight so my blood needs meat and junk food, doctor’s orders, partially from a cartoon doctor Dr Nick Riviera on “The Simpsons”, and it’s a dream come true, I love meat!!!! :|

  • agnostic about it

    The first comment about it I changed my mind.

  • agnostic about it

    I’m still sympathetic for the vegetarians, I admit I won’t be in the dark forever :(, this means that yes once again I change my mind, I’ll be vegetarian (ovo-lacto-) but not in a long time. This diet is too truly wonderful, and I’m delighted at the exotic flavours, but just because I want to believe crazy things it doesn’t mean I won’t know the truth of vegetarianism to eat for my blood type, but I suppose I will only do it very far in the future for two very good reasons (if not for my blood type) 1. for the ecology, 2. to grow all my organic food, and 3. to stop the cruelty of the animals I suppose. :)

  • mimo

    please tellme only about A+ blood group diet

  • Scottba

    Mimo is correct, lets talk about A blood types. I am going to try some of the food suggestions on the list above. Being a colon cancer survivor I have seen how certain foods can effect my body.

  • retiachirm

    thank you,
    Ill try this.

  • Tina

    Vegetarian means to eat vegetation. Last time I looked a fish didn’t grow out of the ground. I can see the merits of this diet but to say one is to be a vegetarian (I am A blood type and agree, feel better as a vegetarian…who does not eat fish) but this confuses people. Are we to be vegetarians or not? I don’t need my mother in law serving me fish saying it is vegetarian. I finally quit getting her serving me PORK and beans (“just pick it out”.)

  • Sharon

    This is an amazing article–the foods listed are the ones I like and the ones I should not eat are the ones I don’t like. Now maybe my spouse will quit trying to get me to eat all of those foods

  • nicholas collins

    Enter your text here I am from trinidad I suffer with acid reflux an am A+ what can I take instead of tables

    • oxblossom

      I am an A type (they forgot to tell me pos or neg; it’s hard enough just to get US doctors to tell you your type at all). For acid reflux the true and lasting real answer is to lose weight. Period, full stop. But we will all binge on the wrong stuff from time to time if we are human, and gracious when eating with our friends and relatives. In that case, try de-glycerated licorice (chewable) tablets. They work better and faster than absolutely any over the counter poduct I’ve ever ever tried. No lie. The de-glycerate it because licorice root itself will raise blood pressure to some extent. But the best thing is that it is naturally sweet, no need for sugar with licorice.

  • xoxo

    im A+ and ive tried the diet before. it worked wonders for me, i had just given birth and in 3months i was back to my pre pregnancy weight, however, i have a problem with sticking to the diet because i get to crave meat, all the time!!! and it can be really frustrating!!! please help!

  • Barb

    The diet for A is so restrictive I would be starving constantly………………

  • Valentina

    This is really amazing! Ever since I was a child, I’ve hated red meat. My parents did everything they could to make me eat it but I could stand the taste, the smell and even the bare sight of it. The only types of meat I could tolerate were chicken and turkey (breasts only). I would eat all types of sea food though.
    And when it came to veggies and fruits, I loved most of them, except for tomatoes which I found just as revolting as red meat.
    I only recently found that my blood type is A+. So I am thinking that maybe our bodies just “know” what types of food are good for us and what we should avoid. What do you think?
    The only thing I disagree with when it comes to the type A diet is that we should not eat dairy foods. But as someone mentioned in the comments above, maybe our heritage and culture have helped us evolve enough to eat some of the food we were initially not able to digest well. I live in South-East Europe, by the way.

    • Terry

      Hi Valentina, I have found that this information about different blood types, and recommended diets, is quite accurate. I am B neg, which means I am OK to eat a wide range of plant and animal products. That is a true statement because I do have a very good tolerance for most foods. Basically, nothing I eat becomes an issue. I do not tolerate alcohol very well, however, beyond 2-4 drinks, because I just don’t get much from drinking. BTW, that is a nice picture you posted.

      • Valentina

        Thank you, Terry. Being able to tolerate and enjoy eating a wide range of foods, that sounds really fantastic!

    • Bryan

      Blood type diet dont make sense eat more red meat ok how many docoters would tell you that none to much red meat has be linked to all forms of disease .

    • Toto

      Very well said!

    • oxblossom

      I happen to know a Valentina, from Eastern Europe, who lives here in California. She is a very successful yoga instructor and dancer. Anyway, back on topic, I agree with what you say. And above also, someone said, you have to test these out for your own individual needs. No one can do it for you, or tell you straightaway what will work for you. I’ve read D’amato’s book years ago, and have some friends who are fairly strict about following the blood type diets. I’m thinking, well, I know, they are a married couple and not the same blood type, so there is some compromise involved there as well. As for me, I love love love the nightshade family, including tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes. (I’m of Irish ancestry; say no more). However, when I was a child, while I loved most raw vegetables, I wouldn’t go near a tomato. As a teenager, I learned to eat most anything. One thing that D’amato says if I’m not mistaken is that peanuts are like a medicine for A types. Now I eat peanut butter (natural) almost every day, and am doing great. It’s about what works for you. I also recommend highly, the insights from the “fit for life diet.” In one of the earlier iterations of this diet, they didn’t want you to eat “cooked” tomatoes, and one should never never eat cooked fruit, or fruit itself combined with anything else, for that matter.

      Wishing you all well, even the religious nuts!

      • May

        I love the peanut butter too but I think it may be constipating. Do you find that?

  • Vera

    What to do??
    I’m type A+ and am not fond of what is recommended for this type—-I like and eat everything that is O.
    especially red meats.

  • DW

    Why wasn’t Spirulina,Chorella,Maca root,Beet root,and hemp seeds listed, everyone should at least try these foods to see how it helps.Anyone on a vegetarian diet should try these foods.I use these in a powder form and used as a drink,they have helped me and others in a big way

  • DW

    I forgot to mention Coconut oil,another great food,and skin healant used topically

  • Steve

    The correlation between science and Christianity is the conclusion that God does exist and is the creator of all things. By inducement of satan our ancestors made a wrong choice with cumulative negative consequences for us and future generations.

    If believers of satan want to revel and rejoice in the mistakes of our common ancestry, it is by choice and by all means they would live to reap the consequences. Christianity spreads love and recommends reconciliation of man and his maker, so that we can all return to our high state of existence which was before, a state of perfect health and wellbeing.

    • Allison

      I believe this whole thing is about food, not God. I am a believer but am trying to educate myself for my health. I have cut out most of the foods disclosed in this article in the past and it has helped. So please if you don’t care about the issue at hand then please keep your opinions to yourself.

      • Toto

        totally agree!

  • gail

    Have you any on Rhd negative. I have no idea what many of the foods are as we don’t live near America.

  • Lisa

    Hello, I’ve just ordered a book on eating right for your blood type, I have also just found out that I am A positive. I’m very interested in all that this has to offer and am excited to start. Any suggestions or links would be more than greatly appreciated.

    Thank you :)


    Since I was young,I was meeting digestive problem whenever I ate corn,potatoes,apple,orange,..until I gave up completely to eat them.I was surprised when I read this section and found out every food that was making me sick in my stomach is not of my blood,these advice are right

  • Lydia Boateng

    Thanks so much for the education given to me. I am blood group and with this education, l am sure my health will be improved. Thank you once again.

  • Lydia Boateng

    THanks so much for the education given me. I am blood group A and with this education, l am sure my health will be improved for a longer life. Once again l say thank you.

  • tania

    Well i found this rather interesting and i will give this a try as i have tried many unsuccessful way of life diets but the most disappointing thing is NO RED MEAT (sniff sniff)

    • Steve Sollars

      Red meat is ok for o+’s, but not to excess. I have canned, baked beans when I eat red meats, it binds up the cholesterol and other bad fats so they are not absorbed as well. I also follow The Move That Waist diet.

  • Paolo Marcel
  • Langwenya Thoko

    Im blood group A+ and im asthmatic its severe but i eat the diet . But what I know is that life depend on God only

  • shane

    suffered for years with acid reflux, and untill i started this diet, i was a meat and two veg man and yorkshire puddings and gravy and a pudding for afters. being type A we are prone to acid reflux.

    the diet has helped me no end and i will not eat meat like i used too, im not strict with the full diet, but cut out most things especially meat and spuds. if i eat meat it makes me ill and i get acid reflux again so i now stay away from meat, got a craving for meat, i eat fish or poultry instead.

    a tip to help is dont eat food and have a drink, leave at least an hour inbetween food and drinks, that way you dont water down the acids in your stomach, they do the job they are ment to. love and light and enjoy the diet

  • Henry amoh akyeah

    As a blood A patient ,and discovering these facts about all the groups i should once again say that ignorrancy is really a desease as well as illitracy.Let us teach those who dont know .People are dieing why?Because they dont know.

  • Leah

    What about apples though? It doesn’t say they are good but it also doesn’t say to limit them.

  • Henry

    I am fight ulcer now i mean very seriously just after realising am an A.If i was aware i wouldnt have been taking in some foods especially drinks .but now that i know it should be a lesson to all the a A-

    • nick

      it’s individuals….I’m A+ and NONE of the foods on the do not eat list cause me ANY problems….my reflux is completely due to my hiatal hernia which unfortunately they won’t touch unless you don’t respond to any drug at all because it’s a major surgery.

      • Rodrigo

        How do you think you got the hiatal hernia?

      • Rodrigo

        How do you think you got the hiatal hernia?

      • Rodrigo

        How do you think you got the hiatal hernia?

  • Clayton

    No mention of meats A can eat? I am a bodybuilder and I cannot cut out meat entirely, chicken and tuna are staples in my diet

  • Shyam

    Very interesting article. Highly informative as a guide. Some adjustments could be required though. Fully agree to the statement regarding ‘cortisol’. Thanks for sharing

  • Dona

    Thanks for the information. I have Kidney disease and really watch what I eat. I am A-pos and found this article interesting. The comments however really get off subject.. This is one study – If you want more info do more searching. Don’t bring the Bible in where it doesn’t belong (yes I’m a Christian, but we are talking diet here not creation). Farming is not the issue here either it is the type of food we eat. These people are trying to share knowledge with us and instead of accepting it for what it is some of you really got carried away.

  • lisaE

    Unbelievable!! its like the person knows me! im 38 and have worked out for myself to avoid the foods that have been listed here. My personality is an exact fit and i avoid harsh weather, noise, crowds and negative people, scary films leave me feeling exhausted and lack of sleep (my no 1 problem due to a child that never sleeps) leaves me constantly stressed and irritable.
    Ill follow the rules on this even more. Im convinced this is the best diet ive ever read. Thanks :)

  • Irate

    This article is so poorly written it hurts. It’s hackneyed, disorganized, and full of clichés. Further, your information conflicts with itself. For example, apparently A-types are supposed to eat olive oil, but avoid olives.

  • Maka

    I, be live you are all right about how to watch what you eat, and yes eat for your blood type can help people make some right choices for them salves. that’s why its nice to have information out there that can help people like us who are trying to keep healthy for our family and friends.

  • Dreas

    This article is a eye-opener and a keeper!

  • Don

    What a load of whooie. Just eat fresh whole foods and be happy people. We are all born carnivores.

    • oxblossom

      Yeah, meat’s delicious, but you save a lot of money on groceries if you limit your intake. Myself, I treat meat as they do in poorer countries, among the common folk, meat is used sparingly, and more as a flavor than a feature. Only in the West, esp N. America, Argentina, Columbia, and some African countries do people gorge especially on huge slabs of red colored flesh.

  • oxblossom

    oops, yes, and Australians famously love their red meat. What of the germanics and to some estent the slavs with all that nitrate/nitrite (?) laced sausage and such. Woohoo, don’t know how they’ve gotten by with that! But my parents’ generation always kept a can of bacon grease on the back of the stove to cook with, never ever took a statin drug and lived fairly healthily into their nineties. Is is all a bunch of crap? We may never know.

  • Alex Ross

    Very interesting article…had never heard dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on blood type! The majority of the recommendations seem legitimate except for the protein reduction as I have been classified as a protein metabolic type.

  • Denim Lee Swan Tumanda

    i’m totally screwed up!, all the information of food that should be avoided was my favorite,…f*ck..!!!!!
    i am more on meat than eating vegetables…deMn!,..i’m going do die young! >.<

  • Steve Sollars

    I am a type O+ blood type and I find that following the “Move That Waist” weight loss works great for me.

    Obviously, I am a big believer in a wheat-free life. My life changing experience of melting away my “wheat belly” in 90 days still gives me goose bumps that such a simple solution existed for losing the excess weight and reaching normal and below lab results along with dropping the weight.

    After doing my research on wheat, losing the weight is important, but the many components of modern wheat impair human health in so many other varied ways. Multi-grain breads; this is junk food masquerading in a healthy disguise. Check the ingredient list to make sure whole wheat is the first, and main, ingredient—otherwise, you’re just getting a few grains mixed into regular white bread. Better yet, forgo the bread and enjoy straight-up barley, brown rice, quinoa, or steel-cut oats.

    Put all of these pieces together, and you’ve got a heck of a health-distorting foodstuff. Wheat is the perfect storm capable of generating in humans undesirable health effects that no other plant or food can match. And it enjoys all the official endorsements, all urging us to eat more “healthy whole grains.”

    I choose a world of a slender, healthy, non-wheat-consuming lifestyle, more resource efficient than a world of overweight, high-calorie-consuming, unhealthy lifestyle which relies on the medical system, medications, and unwanted procedures for maintaining a healthy body.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we as Americans could put to use, scientifically proven methods of healing instead of a lifetime of taking expensive prescription drugs? The healthcare bill in this country would certainly plummet!

  • Ada

    Why does it say avoid tangerines Yet grapefruit is ok? Aren’t they kinda the same? What about oranges and clementine?

  • Maximilian

    Thank u 4 educating people like me, I’m A+ & these are innate in me but i don’t like Okra bcus i do vomit whenever i eats them.
    I also suport ur writing DONA

  • WebWatcher Now

    I just read your blog and am very impressed at how informed you are and your attention to detail. I was also impressed that you clued in some charisma to your blog instead of the same old robotic writing I see from everyone else. We would love to have you write us a WebWatcher article sometime.

  • Wendy

    I read everything about this diet and have to wonder what I CAN eat. Almost everything that I enjoy is off limits because I am A positive. I love white milk, potatoes, tropical fruits and seafood. I don’t like tofu but do highly enjoy veggies. It kind of makes me discouraged when I think of all the foods I would have to give up.

  • meryam

    I find these information so true to me… Thanks!

  • Kimberly

    I am RH A- i am vitamin d and B12 deficient. Milk upsets my stomach and i don’t like red meats oranges give me acid reflux i had to have 64 rohgam shots with my first child but none with my second. I do have minor health issues as well.

  • Joe

    This is a very misleading article. Your diet has nothing to do with your blood type. This diet outline is a basic, good diet for anyone, unless you have other things like diabetes interfering with your health. Instead of consulting articles like this for dietary information, just go talk to a Physician. Seriously.

  • Lena Svensson

    This makes sense, even more so now when I’m getting older (middle aged) and my body says “NO!” to me ignoring problems any longer. I have problems with wheat and milk protein, I quit all alcohol 22 yrs ago, it just took too long to recover and I got awful headaches from very little. I have a very sensitive gut system and have always had it. i always avoided red meats (instinct?) but love seafood, but react to my favorite seafood shrimp. I eat white meats and limit the amounts. can also mention too much sodium is bad. Bummer, I’m not a veggie person, but as time passes I am forced to think about what I eat, and this description matches my findings.

  • Jyo

    Alright …Being A+ ,almost everything you mentioned under : ” Limit exposure to ” is TRUE!!!

  • tarcomed

    I have type-O envy. :/

  • tarcomed

    I have type-O envy. :/

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