Misinterpreted Study Finds Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

meat causes cancer?

A short time ago there was an article found on a blog that wanted you to believe a curious study about meat.  They wanted you to believe that we FINALLY found EXACTLY why meat causes cancer in the human body. Without using critical thought many decided to take that blog post as fact and use social media to spread this misinformation.Some of you reading this may not eat meat ... Continue Reading

Dr. Anthony G. Beck – Important Advice If You Are Detoxing


It's a new year and with it come resolutions to be healthy, to lose weight, and this year you'll follow through!! ;)Most will start with a detox plan... Maybe the master cleanse, possibly something else.Before you dive in, there's something you should know: if ALL your body's channels and pathways of elimination are NOT functioning properly detoxing your body could be ... Continue Reading

Urgent Care Advice With Dr. Anthony G. Beck


A situation presents itself and you have to go to urgent care. It's important that you know the game being played! Regardless if you use insurance or not. The fees they charge are not transparent and you could get a jaw dropping medical bill weeks later.In this video Dr. Anthony G. Beck gives you some tips to avoid this predicament. ... Continue Reading

The Sacred Science Interview


By Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. It's hot and humid, you're alone in a small hut in the Amazon. Shamans bring healing herbs to treat your ailments. As day turns to night, you are about to experience healing at a level you never imagined. Your heart races as you are given a medicinal shamanic brew, it takes hold and in an instant you awaken to new possibilities of health, ... Continue Reading