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Created by Dr. Nan Fuchs who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition and attended the Institute of Oriental Medical Studies. This product has everything you body needs to stay sturdy and fracture free — for life.

To give your bones the full range of nutritional power they need to help you live the healthy, active and carefree life you deserve, I included 5 more bone-building superstars, including:

 Nutrient #1 — Vitamin K: Best known for the important role it plays in blood clotting. But it delivers big benefits for your bones: it helps “glue” calcium into your cells, bloodstream and your bones, and helps prevent bone from breaking down.

 Nutrient #2 — Vitamin D: It is known as the sunshine vitamin, which means your body can make it on its own when you’re out in the sun. But that’s not as easy as it sounds.

 Nutrient #3 — L-lysine: It is an amino acid that helps form collagen. What is collagen? It’s a compound that’s the building block of all the tissues in your body. This includes your skin, your blood vessels, and yes, your bones.

 Nutrient #4 — Hops: Herbalists have used hops as a folk remedy for toothaches, inflammation, anxiety and sleeplessness for hundreds of years.

 Nutrient #5 — Silicon: When doctors back in Ancient Greece treated bone discomfort, one of their standby remedies was an herb called horsetail. We now know horsetail is a rich source of silicon, a nutrient that helps form collagen and connective tissue. It also helps stimulate the activity of osteoblasts — the bone-building cells.

 Nutrient #6 — Boron: Many studies show boron helps increase bone strength and preserve bone mass. It also helps calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D get absorbed into your bones. Some research also suggests that people low in boron tend to have more joint pain and stiffness. You’ll get a full 2 mg every day.

 Nutrient #7 — Manganese: Manganese is a trace mineral your body needs to promote the growth of healthy bone and cartilage. It also helps in the formation of connective tissue. Some studies show low levels of manganese slow down the growth of bone and cartilage, which leads to weaker bones.

 Nutrient #8 — Copper: Your bones need copper to make collagen, an essential component for bones, joints and other connective tissue. In fact, multiple studies show that low levels of copper raise the risk of bone fractures. In studies of both healthy adult men and elderly, bedridden patients, supplementing with copper reduced bone loss by slowing down the breakdown of bone.

 Nutrient #9 — Strontium: It is one of the most effective substances yet found for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.

Nutrient #10 — Zinc: Zinc provides many benefits, but it’s one of the most essential minerals to help prevent brittle bones. Studies show that zinc is crucial for proper bone formation, bone growth, and mineral uptake. And the body needs it to form collagen tissue.

Zinc has also been shown to promote normal bone growth in adolescent girls and in babies before they are born. Another 2-year study found that taking calcium along with manganese, zinc and copper was more effective in preventing bone loss in the spine than taking calcium alone.

As you can see, only Ultimate Bone Support provides you with 10 of the most important nutritional helpers to support every area of bone health. Plus, they’re included in the therapeutic levels shown in studies to deliver the most health benefits.

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  • Susan Lewis says:

    I have a question rather than a comment. If a 2-yr study found that calcium along with manganese, zinc & copper was more effective than taking calcium alone, why is there no calcium in this formula?
    Thank you.

    • bewell says:

      Hi Susan, I got the answer from the formulator. Here it is:
      Calcium competes with strontium for absorption. Since research shows strontium dramatically cuts your risk of fracture, I left calcium out. Too much calcium also interferes with your body’s absorption of other minerals, making your bones weaker and more prone to fracture. While calcium has a role in building strong bones, you probably get too much of it from your diet and supplements already. What’s more, excess calcium can lead to a build- up of calcium deposits in your joints, heart, kidneys, even your brain causing memory problems, artery- clogging plaque, joint discomfort, and other health issues.

  • Judy says:
    5 stars

    Here’s my story. Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia at age 47.I started Hormone Replacement Therapy. I had regular bone scans every three years and the t-scores stayed the same, until 2009. My scores got worse! I was already taking magnesium, calcium, and zinc. So I switched over to Puritan’s Ultra Woman vitamin, and Advanced Bionutritionals Bone Support. I also upped my Vit D3 intake to 5000 IU. I also started working with weights at the gym two times a week. I recently had another bone scan and now my t scores are back to where they were 15 years ago when I was 47. My doc said “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” I’m going to win this one.

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