Vitamin C For a Healthy Heart

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(BeWellBuzz) Matters of the heart are risky. Even the fittest person needs to take good care of the heart because cardiovascular disease is almost like an animal on prowl. A little negligence and you could end up suffering from it. Hypertension is often the beginning of this dilemma. In fact, research has proved that one doesn't even need to be a victim of hypertension to be ... Continue Reading

Hawthorn Berries For Your Heart

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(BeWellBuzz) Having heart troubles? In today's world, where no one is excused from being stressed out and worked up, heart diseases have taken a toll over people of all ages. What makes heart issues so dangerous is its "unpredictability". One can never really know what may happen and when!The good news is - Mother Nature has provided us with a wonderfully packaged berry to ... Continue Reading

Stop a Heart Attack Naturally


(BeWellBuzz) Heart disease, an umbrella term for numerous heart conditions that seriously hamper the life of the affected patient, is a global epidemic. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) June 2011 statistics for the 10 most common causes of death worldwide, ischaemic heart disease tops the list, accounting for 12.8% of deaths or 7.25 million lives worldwide.Certain ... Continue Reading