3 Myths About Fat, Weight Loss, and Healthy Eating


Being fit, losing weight and enjoying your body doesn't have to wreak havoc on your happiness. For many of us, the reason we've been struggling so hard to see results is because we've listened to mistaken diet "experts" who've effectively demonized the keys to success.The first key is to enjoy your healthy lifestyle. Life-sustaining habits will bring you peace, not stress ... Continue Reading

Why Bottled Water May Be MORE Fattening Than Soda


It may be hard to believe, but plastic can make you fat.Canned foods, bottled water, and basically any food that’s wrapped in plastic contains a toxic plastic residue called “BPA”, which has been proven to mess with your hormones like estrogen.And hormone disruption equalsFat gain and increased size of your fat cells Excessive menopausal symptoms Water ... Continue Reading

What To Do If Fat Loss Has Stopped (most do NOT do this)


Have you ever wondered about curious things that happen with astronauts in space?They lose muscle. LOTS of muscle... FAST.Why? Because in space there is no gravity to trigger muscle contraction. Your body doesn't receive a signal that tells it to use muscle. The EXACT same thing happens as we get older. Around the age of 30, your muscle morphs into fat at about 1 pound ... Continue Reading

A Quick Tabata Workout to Maximize Fat Loss


Want to see what Tabata is all about? Try the routine below. The popular high-intensity training protocol utilizes a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio -- using 100 percent maximum effort during the work phase -- to maximize fat loss. Tired of slogging through long, slow jogs on the treadmill? Tabata may be just the answer. The popular high-intensity training protocol utilizes a 2:1 ... Continue Reading

3 Safe & Effective Fat Loss Herbs You Need To Know About


When it comes to fat loss, small things can make a big difference. It's important to keep in mind that no supplement will ever trump the effects of your overall diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Yet, there are truly potent and helpful supplements that can give you a slight edge to make your results even more impressive.Here are 3 powerhouse fat loss herbs that you need to know ... Continue Reading