The DARK Side Of Soy (3 ways it screws up hormones and makes you FATTER)

truth about soy

Over 81% of Americans have been convinced and deceived into believing that soybean oil and other soy products like soy milk, soy patties and tofu is not only healthier option but can also help you burn more belly fat.Of course the FDA, Hollywood stars following the vegan diet, or maybe even your own doctor want you to believe soy is good.Unfortunately this is very far ... Continue Reading

Almond Milk Two Ways


Homemade almond milk has unbelievable flavor when compared to the boxed varieties. If you are on the fence about taking a few minutes to make your own fresh nut or seed milks at home check out all the benefits:fresher, more creamy taste you can flavor the milk any way you like (vanilla, cacao, fresh berries, or maca for a malted taste) you have almond pulp left over (to ... Continue Reading

Soy Dangers Exposed


Is it possible that what you've heard about soy is all wrong? Can the hype around the health benefits be marketing smoke and mirrors?The video below explores these questions and exposes in no uncertain terms the dangers of soy. Please watch this and share it with family and friends.The video above was created from an audio podcast called: The Dangers Of Soy ... Continue Reading

Dangers Of Soy Explained


Soy has become very popular in the last 15 years and it is now a 4 billion dollar industry. Great marketing efforts are definitely paying off but thankfully to many scientific studies we are now aware of the real dangers of soy consumption.288 studies on the toxic properties and effects of soybeans are listed at the Poisonous Plant Database of the ... Continue Reading

Truth About Milk


(BeWellBuzz) Milk on cereals, milk in our desserts, milk in beverages and so on – anywhere you go, there is no escaping from milk. And for most of us, milk brings back childhood memories – it was after all our first food. However with the recent controversies surrounding milk, one begins to wonder if drinking milk really is safe anymore.Before we begin hunting for the truth ... Continue Reading