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10 Health Benefits Of Chrysanthemum Tea


Chrysanthemum tea acts as a natural coolant and has been talked about in the ancient Chinese medicinal science.  A person will benefit a lot by having Chrysanthemum tea every day.

The Chinese medicinal practice included the use of herbs as a major part of the treatment. The Chinese knew that a soothing cup of warm golden brown Chrysanthemum tea has remarkable health benefits.

Nutritional Information: This is an extremely potent herbal tea. Chrysanthemum tea has high amounts of B carotene which are present in the yellow part and the fruit. The B carotene is converted in Vitamin A in the liver[1]. This kind of Vitamin A is helpful in treating skin problems and increasing the immunity power. It also helps in postponing the aging process and age related blindness.

Chrysanthemum tea is also a good source of Vitamin Bs like choline, folacin, niacin as well as riboflavin. It also contains Vitamin C which reduces the risks of scurvy and protects the eyes.

Chrysanthemum tea also has minerals like calcium which is important for the teeth and bones, iron which helps in the transportation of oxygen through the blood, magnesium which is required by more than three hundred kinds of bodily functions as well as potassium which is needed for proper cardiovascular functioning and stabilizing the blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum tea also has adenine, amino acids and glycosides.

The health benefits of Chrysanthemum tea: Chrysanthemum tea is not very famous amongst herb enthusiast that is because very few people know about its existence and benefits. Read on to know more about the benefits:

1. Chrysanthemum tea has Vitamin C[2] in which helps ease heaviness in the head during cold[3] and provide relief in sinusitis discomfort. This herbal tea also has antiviral properties and helps relieve congestion in the head which may be caused by viral infection. The heaviness in the head could also be caused due to bacterial pathogenic reaction. Chrysanthemum tea is anti spirochetal in nature thus it is really helpful in easing head congestion.

2. Chrysanthemum tea is naturally caffeine free, hence, it is free from all the side effects of caffeine like anxiety, tension, irritation, nervousness and confusion.

3. Chrysanthemum tea is a natural coolant and helps in lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from fever or even heat stroke. This herbal tea is also helpful in treating pimples and acne. It can also treat discomfort of high temperature such as headache, slight toothache and throbbing nerves in the gums.

4. Chrysanthemum tea is good for the detoxification of the liver and for lowering cholesterol[4] levels.

5. This tea helps in the treatment of coronary artery disease, blocked arteries and even varicose veins.

6. Chrysanthemum tea has stimulating property and helps in alerting the senses and rejuvenating the brain. It stimulates all your senses very quickly and also calms down the nerves.

7. It helps in easing giddiness.

8. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea helps in providing relief in sore throat, redness in the eyes, itchiness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes and dark sport in the eye area.

9. It makes the lungs strong and helps in providing relief in respiratory problems such as shortness of breath.

10. Chrysanthemum tea when taken with lunch or dinner especially with oily foods helps ease digestion.

Preparation: Chrysanthemum tea is obtained from dried chrysanthemum flowers. You can easily make it bye by adding hot water in 3 grams of dried chrysanthemum flowers, let the mix steep for 5 minutes.



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  • Charma

    Wonderful article! I think I will make chrysanthemum tea my new favorite!! And what a pleasant surprise to come back to my steeped tea to find a bouquet of flowers looking up at me!! Maybe make that the 11th benefit of chrysanthemum tea.

  • Angela White

    Hello: Thanks soo much for this info!!!! Very helpful info for everyone!!!!

  • Dumisani M. Nyoni

    Thanks for the information.Am going to take the tea today.

  • GPRS

    Thanx a lot!!!!! It helped a lot

  • ngan

    It is so amazing ! , very healthfull tea , thanks alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kylie Wainscott

    Pregnant, I found a form of the tea that is instant. It has a very light flavor and is appetizing even when I feel morning sickness. We have a genetic condition in my family where we can’t optimally process man-made b vitamins like folic acid and this pretty much takes the cake as a way to get a little more of the natural ones in. I am also slightly anemic, and the vitamin c and iron help. Plus because it’s not in pill form, it can be absorbed slower and less of the nutrients just pass through. I love this stuff!

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10 Health Benefits Of Chrysanthemum Tea
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