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“At Naturopathica, we live and breathe A Better Beauty™. Our holistic approach to well-being taps into the best of nature by combining certified natural and organic ingredients with Naturoceuticals, state-of-the-art skin care technology, without harmful synthetics.”

Naturopathica is a holistic, all-natural skin care line founded in 1995 by Barbara Close. Barbara Close founded Naturopathica as her response to ineffective, non-herbal skin creams, formulating her own natural brand developed from 20 years of research as a herbalist and massage therapist. Today Naturopathica is extremely popular, and according to several experts, extremely effective.

I had a chance to use their products and have to say that my skin loved it.

What’s unique about Naturopathica? Its dedication to all-natural formulas and to using environmentally-friendly ingredients. Very few companies are willing to make their products environmentally-friendly, and Naturopathica is a favorite among environmentalists. Its herbal-based formulas are a favorite also, and many people claim Naturopathica makes their skin feel luxurious and pampered.

Naturopathica Standarts


Naturopathica products include a grading system to show if they’re vegan, gluten-free or certified, to help you select products based on the results you want. Most of our products use organic, wildcrafted natural ingredients for the best artisanal beauty solutions, and are never tested on animals.


Audit and accreditation by one of the largest and oldest independent natural and organic certification bodies. Adding the ECOCERT seal to a Naturopathica product ensures that it has gone through a rigorous review process from ingredient sourcing and formulation, to manufacturing. Any ingredient whose safety may affect the environment as well as synthetic colors, antioxidants, emollients, oils, fats and silicones are prohibited.


Our products comprise the best solutions Barbara Close found in her years of research and practice-innovations in science and natural ingredients that deliver results. That’s why some of our skin care products use glycolic acids, vitamins, and peptides for real and lasting effect-progressive naturals-meaning, the most natural versions of these effective ingredients.


All of our products are allergy tested to ensure that they are free of any ingredients that could harm sensitive skin. We do not use toxic or irritating ingredients such as sulfate detergents, PEGs, DEA, TEA, parabens, glycols or urea in any of our products.


From our packaging to our company culture we are dedicated to sustainability. Our custom bottles are made from 100% post-consumer PET plastic derived from diverse feedstocks of post-use recycled containers. Our tubes are made from 100% post-consumer HDPE milk bottles and PE plastic. We use minimal outer packaging with recycled paper content.

Naturopathica also supports groups who share our passion for the environment such as the American Botanical Council, the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Nature Conservancy, Stop Global Warming, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Green Spa Network.


We are committed to supporting small, local farms in the U.S.A. and all Naturopathica products are manufactured domestically.

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  • Rhonda

    I have checked out some of these web sites…….definitely looking for a natural line of face products.
    I have been taking Juice Plus as their research shows its benefits skin………fruits & veggies are the best anti-aging available to us!!

  • tellen

    hi I just read your website and I wanna thank you for the awesome information in it! Please keep up the good work guys!

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