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Panic Attacks And Herbs That Help


Panic Attacks And Herbs That Help Some people suffer from sudden moments of fear and anxiousness and are clueless as to what to do about them. Panic attacks comes without any alarm, they are sudden brief periods of extreme fear, anxiety[13] and discomfort that are related to several somatic as well as cognitive symptoms. One may experience a panic attack quite abruptly without any obvious trigger. Panic attacks were once thought to be associated with stress or nervousness; however, they are now known to be potentially incapacitating but curable problem. Herbal remedies, alternate therapies and counseling can help you control as well as stop panic attacks.

Causes of panic Attacks:
There are several known causes of panic attacks. However, the most commonly known cause of panic attacks is a stressful lifestyle and anxiety. The number of people suffering from panic attacks is increasing everyday due to fast passed lifestyle. There are many simple home remedies which will help a person ease down his stress levels. Simple things like taking a dip in the hot tub, listening to your favorite soothing music, using a white noise machine to get restful sleep at night or reading a nice book. As a matter of fact, exercising on daily basis is also very helpful in reducing stress levels. Exercising will also make you physically fit and improve your appearance. If you do not have much time, then simply start with fifteen minutes of jogging sessions every day.

Simple home remedies for Panic Attacks:

1. Kava Kava: This herb is helpful in reducing panic attacks and also helps cure depression. Kava Kava is rich in kavalactones which helps you in getting a good night sleep[14]. Kava Kavav is available in herbal stores and can be purchased online. Although many people have benefitted from the use of kava Kava, but there are note much studies done on the effectiveness of the same. Note: Do not use this herb if you are pregnant[15] or are lactating.

2. Passion Flower and lemon Balm: These are two herbs that help in reducing anxiety levels. Note: Anyone suffering from thyroid problem must avoid using anything that has passion flower in it.

3. Lavender Essential Oil: This aromatherapy oil is helpful in calming the nerves and reducing the stress levels. You can carry little lavender essential oil in a small spray on bottle and spray it on your handkerchief several times in a day and sniff on it. Do not use the aromatherapy oil directly on your skin, mix it with a carrier oil like almond oil and massage your hands with it. You can also put two drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before sleeping at night for a good night sleep.

4. St Johns Wort: This is one of the most popular herb used for treating panic attacks, stress[16], depression and anxiety problems. However, St Johns Wort is most popular for treating depression[17]. This herb is good for most people as this herb has a good tolerance levels.

5. Homeopathic treatment: Homeopathy is really helpful in reducing panic attacks. You must consult a homeopathy specialist for proper dosage.

Tip: When someone you know is suffering from a panic attack then the most important thing to do is to maintain your calm and tell the person that everything will be alright. The thought that all will be well after the attack is over will help the person suffering from it to gain control of the situation faster.


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