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Top 10 Celery Seeds Health Benefits


Top 10 Celery Seeds Health Benefits Celery is a member of the parsley family of plants and there are many health benefits of celery seeds that we can get. The botanical name of celery is Apium graviolens. Celery is commonly grown in India and France and several other parts of the world. Celery is a kind of vegetable and is used in various American dishes and as a nutritional food. It is bitter and sometimes sour in taste. It is crispy and crunchy in taste. The celery seed is obtained by drying the celery fruit. The celery seeds have less calorific value and are high in nutrition. It has several medicinal properties as well.

Some of the many benefits of celery seeds are:

1. One of the most important benefits of celery seeds is because of its cancer fighting ability. It has some active components that are helpful in fighting cancerous[1] tumor such as polyacetylenes and phthalides.

2. The other significant health benefit of celery seeds is that it helps in managing the blood pressure[2] levels. Having celery seeds everyday helps in promoting good blood pressure levels.

3. It protects as well as reverses the bad effects of acetaminophen on the liver[3], which is an analgesic. Having celery seeds everyday balances the harmful effect on the liver. Although this benefit is not backed by any scientific report but many people have  made use of the benefits of celery seeds.

4. Benefits of celery seeds include the ability to reduce the cholesterol level. The cholesterol[4] blocks the arteries which increases the risk of heart problems. Herbal experts often use celery seeds to cure circulatory system problems.

5. Celery seeds have many nutrients as well as substances such as flavonoids, linoleic acid, coumarins and several volatile oils. Because of the presence of the above named components celery seeds are helpful in curing many diseases.

6. Celery seeds are known to have anti inflammatory agents. Having celery seeds everyday helps in treating pain and inflammation of the joints. Having celery seeds everyday helps in curing inflammation related ailments such as gout, rheumatism as well as arthritis.

7. Celery seeds stimulate the uterus and helps in easing muscle spasms, especially related to the female reproductive system. Celery seeds are helpful in easing menstrual cramps and pains. If women have it on everyday basis then it really eases the symptoms of menstrual discomfort.

8. Celery seeds are diuretic in nature and because of this property they are extremely useful. The excess urinations caused due to the diuretic nature of celery seeds helps flush out the toxins along with extra water from the body. The health benefits of celery seeds are most importantly helpful in flushing out the uric acid along with urine.

9. As the celery seeds are diuretic in nature they are recommended to people with kidney stones, water retention, as well as gout[5]. Celery seeds do not permit extra accumulation of uric acid as well as fluids in the human body.

10. Celery seeds are antibiotic as well as antiseptic in nature. These properties are excessively essential in curing many kinds of infection in the body. Celery seeds are especially useful in curing infection of the urinary tract. Herbal experts have recommended the consumption of celery seeds to treat bladder ailments, kidney troubles and cystitis.

You can add dried celery seeds to your food, this will help enhance the spicy flavor and make your food more nutritious. The benefits of celery seeds are definitely helpful for maintaining a healthy body in the natural way.

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  • mhikl

    I just found a good source of celery seeds and will used them with rosemary, cinnamon, chill powder, and turmeric. I will grind them first. I have found that eating a lot of celery helps with my urine flow and seems to strengthen my stream. I don’t have to use the washroom as often when I eat a lot of celery. though I don’t mind the vegetable, I am hoping that the seeds will be as helpful.
    My dog needs to be on aspirin but before giving her any celery seeds I will have to find out if there are any possible problems.

  • mhikl

    Just checked and found that celery seeds are safe for dogs –

  • Sharon

    I am on lisenapril which gives me a terrible cough, and since eating celery, it has disappeared.

  • majeed


  • Molly F.

    Are celery seeds from the grocery store as effective for treating gout as celery seed pills or celery seed extract pills from a health food store?

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Top 10 Celery Seeds Health Benefits
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